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The amazing pounding of drums and pyrotechnics together were brought to the crowds attending the Edinburgh Military Tattoo this year.

Whilst the team from the Top-Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland have shown their prowess in precision marching and drumming in the past, this is the first time they have included pyrotechnics in the display, much to the delight of the crowds.

The highly technical team usually wear uniforms of black and white with drums and sticks the same. They have been entertaining crowds around the World with their astonishing precision both drumming and marching.

The traditional drum used is the marching snare which in deeper and has a higher tension head (skin) made from either Kevlar or Mylar or indeed a combination of both, which helps to improve the tone of the sound created irrespective of how hard the playing.

Annually, this team creates a fabulous new routine which improve on the display before. This year as well as the exceptional drumming and marching, they added pyrotechnics into the mix. At just after 6 minutes on the following video, the drummers strike their sticks together, and instantly they light up and the line begins drumming again and the flags behind the drumline light up with cascading sparks which sweep around. Beautiful:


Mr and Mrs Myland Epic Wedding

We get a great deal of pleasure in dealing with anyone having a celebration including fireworks but never more so than when they are to feature in one of the biggest days in a person’s life, your wedding day. It was, therefore, our pleasure to receive a short video of this lovely couple’s great event and we have been given permission to share it with you.

James and Gemma Myland were married on 22nd June 2013 at the absolutely gorgeous Gunwalloe Church on the Lizard Peninsular which is situated on the beach in Cornwall. This beautiful little church and its parish appear in the Doomsday book as the original part of the church were built in the 13th century and rebuilt sometime between the late 14th and early 15th century.

Gemma was resplendent in a stunning white lace and organza gown lavishly decorated with sparkling crystals and James was decked out in a kilt.

Their first dance was to ‘feels like home to me’ by the talented singer/songwriter Edwina Hayes who travelled down from Driffield in East Yorkshire to sing live for the couple. Needless to say, this was an unexpected surprise for Gemma and there was not a dry eye to be seen.

Celebrations continued until darkness fell and they had fireworks on the beach to bring a fitting close to a wonderful celebration. The DIY display pack was ‘A New Dawn’ with additional rockets.

We at Epic offer our warmest congratulations to Mr and Mrs Myland and thank them for sharing some memories of their day with us.


Big Win For Blitz Fireworks

Blitz Fireworks – Winners of MLE’s Firework Championships at Broughton Hall 

The winners in the first of a number of unique firework events are the fantastic team from Blitz Fireworks of Crewe, Cheshire, where the audience vote via text message for their favourite.

Blitz Fireworks have 15-years of firing experience as one of the UK’s largest professional firework display teams and put this valuable knowledge to the test on Saturday as they took on Impact Technical and PDC Fireworks who sadly experienced some technical difficulties.

Blitz was voted as the best and most impressive with an eclectic mix of music, this absolutely beautiful display was indeed the deserved winner with brilliant correlation between the music and the pyro against the spectacular backdrop of the beautiful Broughton Hall.  Blitz hit it just right with massive multi-effect shells including bursts of chrysanthemums, giant willows, walloping great big palms and some incredible reports, it really was indeed something to see.

The next leg of this wonderful series of events takes place on Saturday 3rd August at Stanford Hall near Lutterworth, Leicestershire. The teams competing are:

  • Flashpoint Fireworks of Milford, Surrey
  • F1 Pyrotechnics Ltd of Wineham, West Sussex
  • Spitfire Pyrotechnics Ltd of Coventry, Warwickshire

If you do get the opportunity to go along, we would love to see some photo’s or video footage.

Have a great time.