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14th Feb Valentines Day Rocket

Happy Valentines Day

Each year on February 14th countries across the World celebrate St Valentine’s day. Whilst this is restricted to countries which celebrate Christianity in some way, the trend is growing year on year.

The habit of exchanging gifts with loved ones is a practice which has been celebrated in one form or another since 270AD. Although a Christian festival, historians and religious scholars claim that the Church determined that the feast day of St Valentine should be mid-February at the same time as the pagan festival Lupercalia, a fertility festival dedicated the God of Agriculture, Faunus.

The oldest known valentine’s poem still in existence was penned in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife whilst he was imprisoned in the Tower of London following the Battle of Agincourt.

In the UK, the popularity of Valentines Day grew in popularity in the 17th Century. By the mid 19th Century it was commonplace for friends and lovers of all classes to exchange love tokens or small written notes and by the start of the 20th Century, following the improvement in print technology, printed cards became increasingly available.

Nowadays, more than 1 Billion Valentines cards are sent annually and women buy around 85% of them.

Here at Epic, we introduced the stunning Love Heart Rocket which ejects a beautiful burst in the shape of a huge Love Heart high in the sky. The perfect way to say I love you. It is difficult to find a product which appeals to the 10-year old boy in every man which fulfils their need to ‘make noise and blow stuff up’ but this one fits the bill perfectly and will let your partner know you love them whether you are a man or a woman.

Get along to us, we have a huge selection of fireworks, rockets and sparklers to meet the most discerning pyro lover and the Love Hear Rocket is just £14.95 inc VAT (RRP £29.95) and available now from our firework showroom in Tankersley. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Love Heart Flying Lanterns for Valentines Day

With Valentines Day almost upon us, now is the time to be thinking about what gift to buy for that special someone in your life. Epic Fireworks is proud to introduce a fantastic new product just in time for this special occasion. The Love Heart Flying Lanterns!

This is a brilliant and unique idea that should definitely get your special girl or guy (or both, whatever you are into, we are not here to judge) melting with love this valentines day.

Very simple to use and with a burning time of over 20 minutes, this excellent gift idea for Valentines Day is the perfect way to say I love you and to let the whole world hear it!

Very popular at weddings and engagement parties, these lanterns have been used for centuries in Lantern festivals in the Far East and are a relatively new addition to the UK’s 14th of February line up and are catching on fast.

The lanterns measure 36 x 36 x 90cm when fully inflated and are made from flame resistant paper, are 100% biodegradable; Flying Lanterns are safe, fun and spectacular for your Lovey Dovey Valentines Day plans.

So what are you waiting for? Cupids Arrow? Get on the phone now or order online while stocks last of our most romantic product yet.