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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of St Valentine, Patron Saint of lovers, engaged couples and happy marriages.

Valentine is taken from the Latin Valentinus which is the word for ‘strong, valiant or powerful’. However, theorists say that it is more likely that St Valentines Day became popular because of the works of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer who lived from 1430 – 1400 and was the first poet to be buried in Westminster Abbey’s Poet’s Corner. There is little or no evidence of a celebration of this saint until Chaucer’s poem ‘Parliament of Fowls’ in which he describes the collection of birds at heavens gate waiting to meet their partners.

It was in the years following his death that members of the nobility (probably the only people with access to literature at the time, began writing love poems to their romantic interests.

Today, Valentine’s Day has become a hugely popular and highly commercialised affair, costing the romantics among us £1.45 BILLION in the UK alone. Given that only 21% of people celebrated it last year, that is a staggering amount of money.


Fireworks have been around for centuries and are widely used around the world for celebrations of all manner of things. Here in the UK, you can use fireworks every day of the year provided you do not set them off after 11pm, unless it is New Year, BFN, Chinese New Year or Diwali. So, why not say it with pyro?  We have a huge range to fit any pocket – just pop over to see us and we can chat about colours and effects and get you that certain Valentine’s gift that will never be forgotten.


14th Feb Valentines Day Rocket

Happy Valentines Day

Each year on February 14th countries across the World celebrate St Valentine’s day. Whilst this is restricted to countries which celebrate Christianity in some way, the trend is growing year on year.

The habit of exchanging gifts with loved ones is a practice which has been celebrated in one form or another since 270AD. Although a Christian festival, historians and religious scholars claim that the Church determined that the feast day of St Valentine should be mid-February at the same time as the pagan festival Lupercalia, a fertility festival dedicated the God of Agriculture, Faunus.

The oldest known valentine’s poem still in existence was penned in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife whilst he was imprisoned in the Tower of London following the Battle of Agincourt.

In the UK, the popularity of Valentines Day grew in popularity in the 17th Century. By the mid 19th Century it was commonplace for friends and lovers of all classes to exchange love tokens or small written notes and by the start of the 20th Century, following the improvement in print technology, printed cards became increasingly available.

Nowadays, more than 1 Billion Valentines cards are sent annually and women buy around 85% of them.

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