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Overlooking the Hudson River at 12th Avenue, pier 84 in West Harlem sees thousands of well-wishers braving the wintry showers, and below zero temperatures, to witness the dazzling fireworks display to welcome in the Chinese New Year.

The Display themed “The Voice of Fantasy”, as fired by America’s family of fireworks; the Grucci’s, featured several barges packed with pyrotechnics with new ground breaking effects being incorporated into the show.

The music to accompany this beautiful display was specially written for the display by Chinese composer Tan Dun and tells the New Year story of celebration and conservation.

Chinatown in Manhattan is one of nine Districts of New York City where there are huge communities of Chinese living, making Manhattan one of the biggest Cantonese speaking neighbourhood’s outside China.


New Fireworks Laws in USA

There has been a massive overhaul of the laws regulating the sale and firing of fireworks in the state of Phoenix, Arizona recently. The Governor, Jan Brewer has created quite a stir as the laws have been changed to avoid the larger counties having a blanket ban on fireworks.

The basics of the new regulations are:

Small counties can limit fireworks sales and use during times of high fire danger.
Fireworks can be sold and only fired within a week-long window around the 4th July and New Year’s Eve.
The cities of Maricopa and Pima counties have been barred from disallowing fireworks.
Fines and penalties for setting off fireworks on preserved lands have been increased.
Tightened limits on the types of fireworks which can be used – No aerial fireworks allowed – that means that there can be no shells or rockets.
Last year, thanks to the tightening of the laws of firework sales/use, there were no reports of injuries from fireworks in 2013.

The regulations for the sale of fireworks in the USA vary from state to state. In fact, in some areas you are not allowed to buy fireworks but you are able to fire them but in the next state along, it may work in reverse where you can buy pyro, you just aren’t allowed to set them off.

However odd we may believe them to be, if you consider that July 4th is in the middle of summertime and more importantly, the temperatures in Arizona daily reach a staggering 94 degrees (we start wilting and moaning at around 80 degrees here in the UK) there are bound to be legitimate worries about the fire risk which under the circumstances is perfectly understandable.

We sincerely hope that these new statutes bring the continued advances in maintaining the safety of the general public and that they can still continue to enjoy fireworks for Independence and New Years celebrations for many years to come.


Thunder Over Louisville 2014

What: Thunder over Louisville
Where: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
When: 12th April – 2nd May 2014

25 years on and “Thunder of Louisville” remains the Largest pyrotechnic event in North America.

Since 1991 Zambelli fireworks have organised the show to celebrate the Kentucky Derby Festival. Sadly, this years event will not have some of the old input following the death of one of the business founders, Lou Zambelli earlier this year who only retired from the family business in December 2013.

With over 60 tons of fireworks this year, this is a show you not only watch but feel as the concrete bases around the spectator’s area vibrate as the shells, some up to one and a half feet in diameter break high above.

The show comprises of 8 massive tractor trailers which hold the launch tubes, some up to 10 feet high and 18 inches in diameter. A staggering 700 miles of cables are painstakingly wired to over 20 firing boards to make up the 28-minute spectacular making the main display bigger than the Barcelona & Atlanta Olympics combined.

There will be literally hundreds of things to do and see throughout the duration of the event from the ‘million dollar hole in one’ competition to a ‘mini fun run’.

As always local radio station LITE on 106.9 WVEZ will be transmitting the show in full.

We will bring you some shots of this year’s Thunder when they become available.