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Celebrating the 4th July

When it comes to celebrating Independence, nobody in the world does it like the Americans; over 320 million people will be celebrating independence from British rule.

As 87% of Americans own barbecues, a lot of outdoor cooking will be done; around 150,000,000 hot-dogs will be consumed and over 700 million pounds of chicken.

41 million people will visits friends and family whilst approximately $25 million will be spent on fireworks in the states where fireworks are permitted.

A few little known facts:

• The Declaration of independence wasn’t signed until August 2nd with several delegates signing at a later date, two delegates, John Dickinson and Robert Livingstone didn’t sign at all.

• The original National bird of America was not the bald eagle but the turkey.

• In the Movie “National Treasure” with Nicholas Cage, the Actor plays a character who believes the document holds a secret invisible treasure map back on the reverse. This is of course fiction but the document does have a mysterious inscription written on the back of the manuscript upside down at the bottom of the page are the words “original declaration of independence 4th July 1776”, no one knows who wrote this or when, it is assumed it was written as a label for the first run off the press. The movie leads us to believe (as do most Americans) there is only one original document, but in truth there are a staggering 26.

• In 1989 a Philadelphia man paid $4 for an old picture frame, when he opened up the frame he found one of the few original prints of the declaration which he sold in 2000 for a massive 8.1 million dollars.

Whilst most Americans will be doing the whole patriotic thing a few others will be celebrating in their own way.

Down at Z-Burger In the nation’s capital, they will be embracing the American spirit of gluttony and are looking for big eaters to take part in their annual challenge, there are cash prizes of $1000, $750, & $500 with the same value in burger tokens for 1st 2nd & 3rd for the most burgers eaten.

For those with a penchant for black lipstick rather than red white and blue face paint, the Freaks United Festival, an annual gathering of Goths will be taking part at Ziegfeld’s down by the Nationals Park.

While others will be spending ten hours running through the city with “Goruck’s” (ruck sack) full of house bricks on their backs, all sponsorship will go towards the “Green Beret foundation”. If anyone is attending all three of the above festivities, you my friend must be EPIC.

If you are having a barbecue at home to celebrate with friends and family from the USA or indeed, just needed an excuse to have a party with fireworks, we have the biggest range of consumer fireworks in the UK in our bespoke showroom just off Junction 36 of the M1, heading Sheffield North. With prices starting from just a couple of pounds into the thousands, we have something for every budget and taste.


Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Fireworks


For anyone fortunate enough to be in Mexico over the May Bank Holiday, this is one of those events to put on your list if you are a firework and a chilli lover.

The City of Pueblo has held the brilliant Cinco de Mayo spectacular for a great many years. In history, back in 1862, the French armies were fighting their way to Mexico City where they were to force the local government to honour previous debts to their Country. Of course, the Mexican government were reticent to make payment and particularly under threat.

On paper, the French were an unbeatable adversary as they were a fully armed, fully trained force of fighting men whereas the Mexican forces were untrained with few weapons. However, on 5th May 1862 the underdogs from Mexico took them on and astonishingly won!

Since this time, the locals have held celebrations in recognition of this and although it is still enjoyed and is really another excuse to eat, drink and get merry – a bit like a St Patrick’s day!

Whilst there are celebrations across Mexico and those in Pueblo are probably the most traditional, other major cities across the US have similar parties.

On offer, live entertainment, regional food concessions (don’t you just love burritos!) fairground attractions and family fun and of course, as darkness falls the skies will light up with beautiful effects and noise as the fireworks come out in full force.

We have included a couple of photographs from around the world from the 2013 celebrations for you to get a taste of Cinco de Mayo – enjoy.


New Fireworks Laws in USA

There has been a massive overhaul of the laws regulating the sale and firing of fireworks in the state of Phoenix, Arizona recently. The Governor, Jan Brewer has created quite a stir as the laws have been changed to avoid the larger counties having a blanket ban on fireworks.

The basics of the new regulations are:

Small counties can limit fireworks sales and use during times of high fire danger.
Fireworks can be sold and only fired within a week-long window around the 4th July and New Year’s Eve.
The cities of Maricopa and Pima counties have been barred from disallowing fireworks.
Fines and penalties for setting off fireworks on preserved lands have been increased.
Tightened limits on the types of fireworks which can be used – No aerial fireworks allowed – that means that there can be no shells or rockets.
Last year, thanks to the tightening of the laws of firework sales/use, there were no reports of injuries from fireworks in 2013.

The regulations for the sale of fireworks in the USA vary from state to state. In fact, in some areas you are not allowed to buy fireworks but you are able to fire them but in the next state along, it may work in reverse where you can buy pyro, you just aren’t allowed to set them off.

However odd we may believe them to be, if you consider that July 4th is in the middle of summertime and more importantly, the temperatures in Arizona daily reach a staggering 94 degrees (we start wilting and moaning at around 80 degrees here in the UK) there are bound to be legitimate worries about the fire risk which under the circumstances is perfectly understandable.

We sincerely hope that these new statutes bring the continued advances in maintaining the safety of the general public and that they can still continue to enjoy fireworks for Independence and New Years celebrations for many years to come.