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Testing Testing Testing. The Beautiful Love Rocket.

We are fortunate enough to be suppliers of some of the biggest rockets in the UK but over the years, the more popular ‘big effects’ like the massive willow on the Sky Thriller rocket or the giant coconut ring with golden pistil centre of the Heavy Metal has been overtaken by the beautiful Love Heart rocket.

This beauty is the most romantic firework we sell and is the best and most consistent heart effect in the UK today.

Perfect for weddings, engagements, anniversaries or even Valentine’s Day is a lovely way of letting everyone know how much they mean to you.

The video shows the Love Heart Rocket being test fired following our contacting the manufacturers in China to check the flight and burst and as you can see, it’ blooming lovely.

The Stats:

£14.95 each (RRP £29.99)
Length: 1240mm
Head diameter: 80mm
Safety distance: 25m
Noise rating: 7/10

So all you lovers, get along to see us just off Junction 36 of the M1 and let the man, woman (or dog – it takes all sorts!) know just how much you love and appreciate them in style.



The Price of Quality

A few weeks ago we finally received the call we had been expecting for some time.

The last of our suppliers in China rang to say our stock for the coming season was all ready to be shipped and wanted approval to start loading the many containers and set them on their way to the UK.

Hold on there Mr Lee, they need to be tested first. “I will see you in a few days”.

Hours later with ticket to Hong Kong booked for the first leg of Jimmy’s Epic Journey a mere eleven hours flight time, agent/translator in China put on standby, hotels booked in the many places Jimmy has to visit, specialist dietary requirements explained to the various hotel chefs – trust me not easy as our Chinese is not what you could call good, but we get by.

His 1st stop off was in Liuyang a short hop of two hours fifteen minutes by plane from Hong Kong for a flying visit to our rocket factory.

Some of the factories Jimmy will visit are as much as a thousand miles apart, as we only deal with the very best producers each one a specialist in their own field.

Over the years, Jimmy has built up a really good relationship with our suppliers and is known by all from the shop floor workers to the chairman as “Uncle Jimmy”.

When we first started in this game the Chinese used to decide which products we would test, a small tidy stack of our products all ready to be fired off awaiting the visitor whether that be Jimmy himself or our head tester Wyn, or so they thought.

It didn’t take them long to realise Uncle Jimmy would pick them at random and not just one or two, it has been known to fire off a dozen or so just to make sure we keep our promise of delivering the best quality fireworks at the best possible price, bulk buying paying dividends for all concerned.

Every single product is tested to  very exacting specifications, each complying with  BS7144 and in most cases the new C.E marking requirements required in 2017, but more importantly, Jimmy’s very high standards have to be also met.

Take all this travelling into consideration and you quickly have a bill approaching a couple of thousand pounds, money well spent?, of course it is, and a small price to pay for the peace of mind a physical check in China brings us, knowing production of the next instalment of our Epic brochure can go ahead without any product facing any issues, or having to be recalled.

I am very proud to say that in the twenty-odd years we have been in this business, we have never had any major issues with any of our products and will do our very best whatever the cost to ensure we never have, allowing all our thousands of customers to buy not just Epic, but our other brands, Majestic, Marvel and Paramount with the same peace of mind we have selling them.


Wyn Testing The Cakes In China

After inspecting the rockets at the rocket factory, Wyn’s next job was to visit the barrage/cake factory to check the production and quality of the tubes. The quality of the tubes is extremely important in barrages – if the tubes are weak then the chance of the firework malfunctioning is massively increased.

Check out the video below by our good friend David DeSafey from Pyro Talk in the USA, he explains a little more about the importance of strong high-quality tubes.

Here’s a shot video of a production line in China…

Wyn will make another trip to China in the middle of July 2013 to check the remainder of the stock before shipment.

It must be such a hard demanding job to go to China and light fireworks day and night……the entire epic fireworks team are full of envy 🙂