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Stephen Hawking 75th Birthday Fireworks

On Saturday 7th January 2017 we were kindly invited by Professor Stephen Hawking to celebrate his 75th Birthday.

Professor Stephen Hawking 75th Birthday Display by Epic Fireworks

We have done many firework displays before for the Professor – but this time we had more space to play with. All we used was CAT3 Epic Fireworks – Check out the video below and see how many of the fireworks you can recognize.

We finished with 3 x Angels Vs Demons to guarantee the finale ended with a Big Bang. A few days later we received a wonderful thank you letter from the man himself.

Thank You Letter From Professor Stephen Hawking


Pluto Party by Stephen Hawking

Well, today is the day we will know a little more about the planet Pluto.

The Pluto System

Actually, over the last week I’ve learned a fair bit about the planet Pluto and the New Horizons spacecraft, having seen and heard all about it on the television and social media channels.

Professor Stephen Hawking Held A Pluto Party

After almost a decade in flight, to celebrate the 3 billion mile journey, on Saturday 11th July the #EpicFireworks display team was invited by Professor Stephen Hawking to attend his ‘Pluto Party’, and end the evening with some EpicFireworks.

Professor Stephen Hawking Held A Pluto Party

The weather on the day was absolutely brilliant and the fireworks display was EPIC – check out the video footage of the display below. Can you guess which fireworks we used ?

See you next time Stephen and a big thank you to team Hawking for the kind hospitality. xxx

Stephen Hawking NASA StatementI would like to congratulate the New Horizons team and NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration for their historic flyby of Pluto. The culmination of a decade long mission, I can’t wait to see what new information the New Horizons spacecraft will reveal about our distant relative. – SH

Posted by Stephen Hawking on Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Epic Fireworks Most Famous Customer

Epic Fireworks Stash by Stephen Hawking

We have, as you might appreciate, tens of thousands of customers, many of whom we know on a personal level but when it comes to famous, we have our favourite.

Professor Stephen Hawking has for a number of years ordered fireworks from us for his own birthday celebration and his annual Bonfire Night affair. This year was no exception but with a difference, he very kindly forwarded photographs of his ‘epic fireworks stash’ to us.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last 20 years or so, Professor Hawking is regarded as one of the worlds greatest, most brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein.

Have any of you seen his new film, called Hawking which is now out – the film ends with an epic fireworks scene 🙂

Professor Hawking remains a fascinating man who we sincerely hope, health permitting, we get the opportunity to meet face to face one day. In the meantime, we hope he thoroughly enjoys his firework show.

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