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Sparklers, sparklers and perhaps and few more sparklers …

The wedding season is now in full flow and the orders for fireworks, rockets and particularly sparklers are being received by the truck load.

We consider ourselves to be fortunate to be included in the planning of weddings both for those having the huge lavish white wedding to those having a few people on the beach with some fireworks and sparklers to follow but what we love to see are the pictures of the bride and groom with friends and family around them holding sparklers aloft to light their way to their new married lives.

We have been sent a few over the years and here are some of my favourites:

We have three types of sparkler but as we consider the Coloured Sparklers to be mainly for children (and they tend to be smokier due to the colours added to the mixture) we still prefer the absolutely beautiful Mammoth and Monster Sparklers.

You can have 50 packs delivered (that’s 200 individual sparklers) to your door of either the Monster Sparklers at £42.95 or the Mammoth Sparklers for £51.95. You could of course come over to the showroom in South Yorkshire to collect them which will save you the £9.95 delivery charge.

Why not try some sparkler art and draw a heart around the happy couple with a long exposure shot. If you have never done it before, here are a few tips:

• Set your view of the sparkler before darkness falls
• Use manual focus until you get them centre shot
• Set the shutter speed to around 8-10 seconds
• Turn auto focus off
• Shoot at ISO 200 – 8/10 second shutter – aperture 4.5 and focal length at around 18mm
• Light a sparkler
• Press the shutter
• Draw in the air with the sparkler and then shoot

Whatever the reason, please remember that sparklers are without a shadow of a doubt one of the most innocuous but potentially dangerous things you can use. Never let a child use them unattended and sparklers should never be used by under 5’s as the end will reach the temperature of a blow torch.

Happy snapping and if you need sparklers or fireworks for your wedding or special event, get in touch – we are here 7-days a week with the exception of Christmas, Boxing and New Years Days.


Fireworks In Poor Weather

Barrages Bagged and Ready for Some Pyro Mayhem - Epic Fireworks

Whilst it’s not ideal, some displays, particularly those for events like Bonfire Night where it is ticketed, must go on whether it is raining and be blowing a gale or not.

There are certain measures that you can take to avoid damage to your fireworks though even if the only protection afforded to the gathered crowds is huddling around a mug of hot soup.

Our best advice is to, first of all, buy some swing bin liners. The thin and cheap type are the best as they offer the best protection from the rain and you can readily light fireworks through the wrapper without having to remove them.

Pop your barrage into the bag, tie it securely and then gaffer tape it to a board (for stability) and you are ready to go. It would be best if you could do all this indoors whether that is a shed or some garage or another. Now if you are not expecting bad weather but are setting up in an area where it may have been damp, it is still in your best interests to make sure they are as protected as possible as we found last year when one of our customers set up on the beach long after the tide had gone out but the sand was still very wet resulting in damage to the fireworks.

In the case of rockets, you should push the provided launch tube firmly into the ground until such time as it can bear the weight of a large rocket without falling over. Cover again with the cheap plastic bags and leave the fuse cover intact until firing time. I would add though that you should check to see if they can easily be removed beforehand so you can loosen them as in some cases they are glued into place and it could be difficult to do this in the dark later on.

The principal is the same whatever the firework – keep it dry and it will be beautiful and forget to do so and you will end up with potentially hundreds of pounds of soggy cardboard box!!

If you are needing any help or assistance with your display, whether it relates to firing order, space, weather proofing or what to buy to suit your crowd better, just give us a call and we will try to help.


Fireworks and Skateboarding Sparkler Art

Pyro and sparkler art go together like cheese and ham but adding in the prospect of photographing someone travelling on a skateboard too and you need some special handling of the situation. Come on down David Lehl, lifestyle photographer from Denver, Colorado who takes on the unusual and not uncommonly, the downright dangerous in his work.

In this instance, the idea was to photograph skateboarding with a difference and he certainly captured it perfectly.

His original idea was to use smoke bombs both in front of the flash and behind the skater to create some brilliant atmospheric imagery which came out pretty well. But, he wanted more so the next idea was to strap sparklers to the skateboard to create sparks for the ‘grind’ trick which came out beautifully.

Using a long exposure (2s f/5.6) to capture the light trails created by the sparklers and then do exactly the same trick again but this time photograph with a flash he took the shot with 1/1000s f5.6 exposure to freeze the image. As you can see, highly successful and some fabulous shots too.