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Almost on our doorstep, one of the biggest Bonfire Night displays in Yorkshire returns once again but even bigger and better.

As visitors to our Head Office will be aware, we are based at Tankersley just two minutes from Junction 36 of the M1. As you might appreciate, we were a little busy on the ‘fab fifth’ (as we usually are) but last year but some of our staff watched part of the display from just outside our showroom, such is the magnitude of the pyro exhibition.

Attracting over 20,000 spectators this massive display in association with Heart FM will again feature music from some of the country’s top performers, a fun fair for all ages, an enormous bonfire lit at 7:30pm with fireworks set to music starting at 9.00pm with the event finishing at 10.00pm.

As well as the usual concession stands, drinks are available from over the road at Ice Sheffield which overlooks the event.

Gates open at 5:30pm for this all ticket event. Advanced tickets are available from the Sheffield Arena box office by phone on 0114 2228500, the University of Sheffield student union shop on Western Bank (0114 225 5555), S10 2GT and City Hall on 0114 223 3740.

On the night cash only payments can be made at Ice Sheffield on Colleridge Road and the Terry Street ticket booths.

Travelling to the venue couldn’t be easier as there are plenty of the trams on the ‘yellow route’ heading towards Meadowhall (from across Sheffield) which will drop you off on the doorstep with stewards on hand to direct you towards the entrance and increased buses on the night in expectation for the massive number of spectators attending, parking for those wishing to drive is available at Ice Sheffield and the surrounding areas, these as always are at a premium so plan to get there early for the better spots.

Alcohol is not permitted in the arena but there are a few bars around, just beware that stewards will refuse entry to anyone who they feel is “incapable” so take it steady.

Fireworks of any type are also banned in the arena this includes sparklers and Chinese lanterns, these if found will be confiscated and not returned on exit.

As we mentioned again we won’t be able to attend but if you are lucky enough to be going please send us your comments, photographs and video’s.


Eid Ul Fitr

Epic Fireworks have been proud suppliers of Eid fireworks for many years now, having lived and operated out of Bradford for almost 20 years before our move to South Yorkshire in 2010.

Ramadan (the feast of fasting) runs this year from June 29th for a whole month and for those who follow the Muslim Faith must follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

During the 30 days of Ramadan, all adult Muslims must give up the following things during the hours of daylight:

• Food or drink of any sort

• Smoking, including passive smoking

• Sexual activity

Over in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai have held a HUGE fireworks display annually to celebrate the end of Ramadan and have a huge number of things to happening around the City.

London has a special event happening 2 August 2014, which will have some fabulous events for kids and families including fireworks.

Music and performance aside, the Eid London festival will also boast some delicious Eid food plus displays about Islam in Trafalgar Square, making for an event packed day of festivity for kids and adults alike. A chance to enjoy and to appreciate all aspects of Islamic art and culture, the Eid festival is sure to be another brilliant day of celebration in the square.

Whatever your personal religious beliefs or convictions, I am sure you will join us in wishing Eid Mubarak to everyone in Bradford, Leeds, London and Birmingham and other cities around the UK joining in the celebrations.

If you are having a party and would like to include some fireworks, come along to see us. We are open 7-days a week, 362 days of the year and will certainly have something to suit every pocket.


Epic Firework Stash by Pete

A huge thank you to Pete and Natasha who made their first ever trip to Epic Fireworks HQ, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

The lovely couple travelled all the way from the sunny Great Yarmouth and the mammoth round trip journey took just under 8 hours to complete 🙂

Like many of our Epic customers from all over the UK, Pete and Natasha preferred to travel rather than ordering over the internet !

WHY on earth would you do that ???

Well, if you come along to see us you can experience the exceptional customer service that everyone talks about.

You get to see the massive showroom and the FULL epic fireworks range with over 250 products on display.

Have a cuppa with the staff and talk PYRO all day long 🙂

Check out Pete’s cool video below, from when he arrived back in Great Yarmouth with his car boot full of Epic Pyro 🙂