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Bonfire Night is fast approaching (less than 11 weeks to go – hehe) so thoughts turn to fireworks and of course taking pictures of the event.

Whilst many have top of the range camera’s today, most of us carry a smart phone so we are always ready to get clicking at any given moment.

In most instances, the photographs we take most frequently will be in well-lit/daylight environment during the Spring and Summer months which naturally presents a whole new set of shooting conditions to consider when taking photographs of fireworks, late evening and often in damp conditions.

Here at Epic we have previously offered advice on photographing fireworks effectively but there are a number of useful hints, tips and even an app to help you to get the most out of your iPhone on November 5th.


• Plan ahead – You can never do enough planning as the old saying goes, fail to plan, plan to fail. There are a few things you can do to avoid being caught out this Bonfire Night it you wish to take some memorable pictures. Where to stand? Usually, we would recommend in the designated viewing area but if you want shots with a specific feature included (tree, bridge, water etc) you must be sure to get there early and set up. Check your battery is fully charged and ready to shoot and clear as much memory space as possible (you don’t want to be ready to take the shot of the night and find yourself without the space to save it). Which way is the wind blowing – this might not be an apparent ‘plan ahead’ consideration but if you bear in mind that if the wind is in your direction, you may end up in a thick cloud of smoke you really should check before you set up.

• Accessories – There are a few accessories available today for most smartphone’s which will be of benefit to you. Unless you have a spot where you can safely rest the camera without the likelihood of any movement, we heartily recommend a tripod. Here at Epic, we use a full-sized one (picked up for around a fiver) but you can get some natty mini ones which are handy if you need something pocket-sized but they can be quite expensive so make sure you shop around. There are also specialist ‘moment’ lenses but these will be more of a hindrance than a help.

• APP – There are a couple of really good ones which have been tried and tested in the fireworks industry by friends and other pyrofreaks; NightCap and Slow Shutter Cam. Out of the two, I think that you will benefit more from the Slow Shutter Cam APP as you will be able to capture the full effect that is seen by the eye with the full light trails. Again, make sure you are fully conversant with the function and give it a try before the night as you don’t really want to be fumbling around whilst you are trying to enjoy the show.

Make no mistake, firework photography is incredibly challenging but once you establish what is going to best suit your abilities and give you the best results, you can only get better.

One final point, firework displays build and you will always have the ‘finale’ to check out so keep some of your energies for the end when the sky will be full of fireworks.

We would dearly love to see your firework pics and would like to feature them on our site. Let us have them via email to the following:

[email protected]


Lighting Fireworks With Your Smartphone

LinghtM Consumer Fireworks Firing System

How cool is this! Setting off fireworks on your smartphone 🙂

May I introduce to you the lightM consumer firing system. As far as I’m aware, (and please correct me if I’m wrong) this system is a worlds first as I don’t know of any other firing system that allows you to light the pyro via a smartphone.

Simply, set up, sit back and lightM! The system can also be used on tablets as well as smartphones and makes it safer and far more enjoyable for lighting your fireworks with your family and friends. View the video below for more details.

At the moment, the project is still in the pipeline and the guys at lightM need your help to make this awesome system come to fruition. Please go to the following page to learn more about the system and please donate generously and lets make this happen – http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lightm-use-your-smartphone-to-operate-real-fireworks?c=home

The epic fireworks team would like to thank both Yuval and Elad Dagan for sharing their amazing idea and we wish them all the very best for the future.


How To Take Firework Pictures With Your iPhone

Epic tips on how to take awesome firework pictures with your iPhone. Not everybody has access to the latest DSLR camera to take photos of fireworks. We have therefore compiled a list of useful tips to enable you to take some great photos of fireworks using your iPhone or any other smartphone.

1. Location. Location. Location.

Choose your location well. For a large professional fireworks display, you will need to ensure that you are quite far back from the display.

As the firework breaks in a professional display are quite wide and big, the further away you are the more firework effects you will capture on your camera phone.

Please make sure that you are out of the way of any trees, buildings, lamp posts and power lines which may obstruct your camera view.

2. Use A Tripod.

Any shaking whilst using your iPhone, even very slight shaking will blur your image.

Please try to use a tripod, even a small hand-sized tripod will help.

3. Turn Off The Flash.

Please make sure that you turn off the flash before you start to take your firework pictures.

By turning off the flash you will help to reduce the blurring.

You can turn off the flash by clicking the lightning bolt symbol in the corner of the screen.

4. Simply Make A Video.

If you do not want the hassle of trying to capture great fireworks pictures, flip your iPhone horizontally and just simply record a video.

Again if possible please try to record the video using a tripod.

Whatever you do, don’t be a plonker like a guy in the video below 🙂

5. Take Lots Of Pictures.

An iPhone is never going to take as good pictures as a fancy DSLR camera.

Therefore take, as many fireworks pictures as possible using the tips we have given you, and although there may be bad pictures there will always be a few good ones you can use.

You can also use awesome apps like Instagram to enhance your pictures through the many different filters they offer.

Further advice on taking firework pictures can be found here.

Please feel free to email your pictures to Epic HQ and we’ll post the best shots on the epic fireworks blog. Good Luck 🙂