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As some of you may know, the management team are over in China selecting the new goods for the range for the 2018 Bonfire Night season.

Here is a little video which shows a missile cake (barrage) in slow motion going through the different patterns of burning and bursting into the air as. The sound close up is a strange one but you can hear the breaks as they hit the air. A fascinating insight into how fireworks work.

Check it out:


6ft Rockets in Slow Motion

When it comes to rocket launches our good friend Colin Furze didn’t mess about, when it came to celebrating his 1 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

For their latest video, the legendary ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ decided to launch a rocket, with the help of some Purdue University students, high into the Indiana sky.

Gav and Dan recorded with a Phantom V2511 high speed camera to film the explosive slow motion footage at 28,000 frames per second. They also used a Phantom Flex 4k camera at 1,000 frames per second to capture a ‘wide angle’ shot of the footage.