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6ft Rockets in Slow Motion

When it comes to rocket launches our good friend Colin Furze didn’t mess about, when it came to celebrating his 1 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

For their latest video, the legendary ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ decided to launch a rocket, with the help of some Purdue University students, high into the Indiana sky.

Gav and Dan recorded with a Phantom V2511 high speed camera to film the explosive slow motion footage at 28,000 frames per second. They also used a Phantom Flex 4k camera at 1,000 frames per second to capture a ‘wide angle’ shot of the footage.

Best Slow Motion Fireworks Video Ever

By far the best video showing slow motion fireworks in action that we have ever seen. The boys from Weco Fireworks doing what they do best.

This video features intense close ups of what happens in the milliseconds after you light a firework. You can see every little reaction taking place and the raw energy that makes fireworks so incredible.

The shells are detonated at ground level giving a uniqe opportunity to see what happens to the stars of the shell as the burn and spread out.

First class job and a first class video.

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