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Loud fireworks are perhaps not to everyone’s taste but here at Epic we have a fair share of super loud bad boy cakes which are bound to get the heart pumping. Here are our TOP FIVE to check out and a little more information about each one.


This is a remake of an Epic Fireworks classic which certainly packs a punch both in sound and visual effect.

In the initial salvo, blue ground glitter effects glisten before the green comet breaks into a huge brilliant yellow brocade effect followed by red pearls bursting into red peonies with strobing white stars intermingled. Next volley starts out with red comets shooting skywards before breaking into more peonies with a huge white palm centre with the red stars strobing. Then onto the fast firing multi shot finale to golden dragon effs with a crackling strobe finish.

Absolutely out of this world and at over a minute it would be great as a standalone barrage for a celebration, New Year’s Eve or as part of a bigger display. With 30mm tube bore size it has a maximum decibel count of 120 so definitely not one for the faint-hearted.

Bunker Buster #EpicFireworks


New to the Epic range in 2018, this became an instant hit both with pyro lovers and staff here at Epic.

This display quality barrage is simply stunning. A single effect cake which is really useful if you are creating your own display. Timed to perfection, each break fills the sky with massive gold and silver crackling palms and boasting 30mm tubes, it also peaks at 120 decibels and would be suitable once again for any display, large or small. Absolutely gorgeous.



Another new addition to the Epic range inn 2018, this absolute beauty is one of the best-fanned cakes on the market. Fast firing as silver stars erupts in fanned formation which then breaks into spectacular multi coloured peonies. A sky filled with brilliance with loud reports will certainly fit the bill. Check out the video for full details and see for yourself the magnificence of this little cracker.

QUAKE – 19 SHOTS – DURATION – 28 SECONDS – NOISE 8/10 – £19.92

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful cakes in our range. Once again, huge 30mm bore size means another 115-120 decibels of noise level. The richness of the blue colouring is most apart in this multi coloured multi effect cracker of a cake as this is the most difficult colour to achieve without loss of clarity and is a must in my opinion for any display.

The effects begin with multi coloured peonies and dragon eggs and has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Blues, greens, reds, and yellows fill the sky and is a great addition to the Epic range.

STING RAY – 19 SHOTS – DURATION – 29 SECONDS – NOISE 8/10 – £19.92

Righty ho, the last but by no means the least of our collection today, Stingray also was added to the range in 2018. Once again, loud and lush with a perfect combination of ground and aerial effects each comet leaves the ground leaving a thick glittering trail behind it in a spiral pattern and then upon reaching height breaking into a multitude of beautiful peonies, dragon eggs, and red-tipped brocades. Fast, furious and beautiful to boot – what more could you want.

Ear Protectors sign

Each of the detailed products has a video attached so just click onto the hyperlink and see for yourself first-hand what to expect. This can help when you are planning a display too as some customers may require specific colour combinations. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, check out the whole of the range of SIBs (single ignition barrages) by clicking on the following link below. They are all detailed in price low to high and vary from £4.98 for the little Laser Cannon to the massive Sky On Fire at £199.98 which is like a display in a box.

Each item has the full specifications including timing, noise level etc and with 137 to choose from, you are certain to find something to meet your needs.


What is the difference between a Barrage, Cake and a Battery?

The world of fireworks can be more than a little confusing when it comes to the types of products that there are available and no more so than when it comes to the terminology used to describe them.

The cake factory #EpicFireworks

Firework Cakes come in many different sizes and shapes and our range contains different numbers of shots from as few as 16 and go up to 1500 plus. The majority of them comprise of numerous card tubes glued together and fused timed differentiated for each shot. They can have an infinite choice of effect to each shot. Once the firework cake is lit, the fuse burns from tube to tube, igniting each shot in turn, which then flies up into the air where it explodes with an effect. Thus, a 16 shot cake will have 16 tubes, a 49 shot cake will have 49 tubes and so on.

Professional Fireworks

There are some who refer to Cakes as barrages as single effect all the way through whereas a cake may contain multiple effects. For example, the Whispering Palms is a 40 shot barrage offering massive high calibre palms all the way through but the colours and effects may differ very slightly with the palm glittering or strobing but it remains a single effect. Others, like the Wild Horses, maintain the same effect all the way through with no change to the overall effect.

Consumer Fireworks Fan Cake

You may call an average cake a SIB or party in a box. These types of fireworks offer a variety of effects and are usually designed by the manufacturers to produce a whole display from a single fuse. Cakes are more like a bunch of single shot roman candles if you want a more basic understanding. You will often find shops describe a cake as a combination roman candle.

CE Firework Cake Demo

There are some which we would describe as a display in a box where a massive number of tubes is conjoined but each may have a completely different sized tube, containing different compositions within. For example, The King Hell from Epic Fireworks is a fanned 100 shot multi effect cake with differing sized tubes which varies the burst, sound, colours, effects and off the cuff, this is one of the busiest cakes in our range with fanned effects, straight comet effects, peonies, spinners and crackling stars.

90 Shot Fan Cakes

The upshot is, whether you want a cake a roman candle a barrage or a battery, we have something to suit every taste from super loud to really quiet they are all spectacular and are guaranteed to bring a smile to even the frostiest of faces.


19 Shots of Perfection

Mixed 19 Shot Cakes by Epic Fireworks

We stock some of arguably the best barrages in the UK.

Are you fed up with paying a fortune for the monster of a firework from your local retailer and it fires twice and gives up? Do you want high-quality products at a very reasonable price? Are you having a firework display this year and are looking for some fireworks that you know you can depend on? Then look no further.

Epic has added a new selection of 19 shot barrages to their selection which will be the talk of the pyro industry this year. We already had some excellent 19 shot barrages contained in the Epic 19 A box: Maverick, First Dynasty and Fragma so we wanted to give some variety and came up with these little beauties:

Epic 19 Shot B Selection

Diablo – 19 shots with multi-coloured pearls which break into peonies of red, green, blue and pink with electric crackling tips and VERY loud reports.

Dragons Dream – Dragon’s Dream 19 Shot. 19 large bore shots – Very loud reports when peonies of pinks, greens, blues and lilac bursts high in the sky ending with a huge triple shot burst of lilac.

Serpents Bite – Serpents Bite 19 Shot. Pearls rise high then break into peonies of blue, gold, red & green ending with triple pink and green starbursts and huge crackling clouds.

Goblins Gold – Goblins Gold 19 shot. Flashing multi-coloured comets rise high into the sky and burst into massive brocade effects with sparkling pink, blue and silver glitter. Continuing to fire consistently big breaks until the finale break of four shots filling the sky with stars of all colours. These are brilliant either fired as a single or in multiples for an even more sky filling effect. Another of this season’s sure-fire winners.

Devils Den – The Devil’s Den 19 shot. 19 powerful Shots. A faster-paced barrage of multi-coloured peonies which break into reds, greens & pinks with a silver electric crackle cloud finale and loud reports.

Mad Monster – Mad Monster This is 19 shots of fast firing mayhem. Pearls break into massive peonies ending with a multi-shot strobing star finale. Loud and luscious you must include this in the middle of your display.

So what are you waiting for? Come along to our Head Office in Tankersley (J36 M1) and collect some of these for your display this year.