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Tramworks scupper Princes St as vantage point for fireworks

NEW viewing areas for the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks may have to be created because of restrictions caused by tramworks in the Scottish capital.

Construction work finally got under way in Princes Street on Tuesday after a month-long dispute, but sections of the street may remain closed to pedestrians, even if work is suspended in August.

Jenny Dawe, the city council leader, visited the site yesterday and said she hoped the first tracks would be laid before the Festival. Click here for the full story.


Fireworks stop medic saving life

The husband of a woman who died after a paramedic was prevented from treating her by youths throwing fireworks has spoken about his family’s ordeal.

Fred Jones, 77, of Midlothian, said he did not want anyone else to suffer following the attack which stopped his wife Winifred Jones, 57, being helped.

A gang of youths threw fireworks at the medic’s head, forcing him to take cover in his ambulance outside her home. Click here for the full story.

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