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St Andrews University Firework Celebrations

St. Andrew's Day fireworks

Scotland’s oldest University, St Andrews is celebrating its 600 years of teaching in explosive style this Saturday 14th September when the skies over the town explode with light and sound.

The event, a two-day academic commemoration ceremony is to be attended by a former first woman and current Secretary of State, Hilary Rodham Clinton. She is being offered an award along with seventeen other recipients who are said to hold the ‘best mind’s’ of our generation. She, unlike many other first ladies, was the first to hold a post-graduate degree before she entered the office and earned a great deal more than her husband Bill Clinton when they entered the White House.

Others being commemorated for their efforts are Tim Berners Lee, inventor or the worldwide web and a number of others from the academic world. The event starts off with a service of Thanksgiving on Friday followed by a procession back to the University quadrangle at St Salvators. This will be the first of a number of processions through the town.

On Saturday at 7:45pm, a torch-lit procession will lead to the harbour at St Andrew’s before the huge fireworks display, the funding of which has been donated by a well-wisher.

We are sure that the University has got several hundred years of teaching to go and offer our best wishes that the event goes to plan.


Edinburgh Festival Fireworks

Edinburgh Festival Fireworks 2010

This year’s Edinburgh festival, as in previous years goes out with a bang. The fireworks show is a 45-minute spectacular beginning at 9:00pm on Sunday 1ST September. The World famous Scottish Chamber Orchestra will perform live whilst the team from Pyrovision will choreograph the display in conjunction with the music.

The best place to experience the whole of the Virgin Money show will be from the grand grounds of Princes Street Gardens which are situated beneath Edinburgh’s beautiful castle. Everyone should note that the event opens to priority ticket holders from 6:30 but the public entrances will be opened from 7:00pm.

You should note that whilst the organisers will allow you to bring your own picnic along to the event, you must not take any glass bottles or picnic tables as they will affect the viewing pleasure of others and can be hazardous after dark.

This year the ‘theme’ is a little more taxing to tie down. The works of the Russian composer Musorgsky who created the beautiful orchestral piece ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ uses music to depict imagery in all its forms and the huge brass fanfares will add that bit of class to the fireworks.

This spectacular event has been running for a number of years and more than 100,000 fireworks will be used to ensure that this will be a truly wonderful spectacle.

It is certain to be a concert that you will not wish to miss. More details are available here.


Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh Fireworks

Here at Epic, we keep our eyes peeled for all that is firework related and the Edinburgh International Festival is one of the biggest summer firework events in the UK annually.

For a number of years, Edinburgh have held the festival beneath their Castle with music provided by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.  There have been some concerns in regards to the funding for the spectacular fireworks show but thanks to Virgin Money the organisers can breathe easily for the next 2 years.  The show will feature more than 100,000 fireworks being fired off Edinburgh Castle Rock will cost Mr Branson around ¼ million pounds annually.  The sponsorship deal is one of the biggest of its kind involving the Arts in Scotland.

This event which has been a massive crowd-puller since 1982 will once again be part of the summer scene until 2014 when the main event organiser, Jonathan Mills plans to hand over the baton to someone else who will now have the added task of gaining funding too.

The 45-minute Festival Fireworks will take place on 1st September 2013 and will mark the end of the festival which runs from 9th August 2013 and tickets for all the events are widely available but seats for the concert are limited so book early.  The concert itself is being broadcast on the radio so if you can get a decent vantage point, you can see the fireworks and listen to the concert for free!!