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Celebrating The Half Century Of The Forth Road Bridge In Style

This weekend marks the end of a 10-day festival to celebrate the iconic Forth Road Bridge’s 50 years of service to the communities at both sides of the Firth of Forth.

There have been a massive variety of events taking place in celebration including:

  • Scotland welcomes the World to lunch – 500 people will dine from a menu created by World Class Chef and TV celebrity Nick Nairn. The menu has been created using the best quality food and drink from across Scotland.
  • A flotilla on the forth (Sunday) – A huge variety of crafts will travel along the stretch of water in front of North and South Queensferry, including tall ships, pleasure boats, warships, private yachts, ferries, motor-boats and canoes all celebrating 50 years of the Forth Road Bridge.
  • Zero to Fifty – an exhibition of the works of local artist Kate Downie who has painted the bridge from every angle.
  • ‘Mark your Spot’ is a chance for ‘lovers’ to declare their feelings by attaching an especially designed ‘lovelock’ to one of the two panels on the bridge.
  • Craft and local food market.
  • Fireworks street party from 6:00pm on Saturday 13th September including BBQ, food and drink concessions and to keep the cold winds off the Forth out of your bones, chocolate and cocktails.
  • Jazz Jamboree in the beautiful, unspoiled Queensferry which will include traditional and big swing jazz as well as vocal jazz for the lovers of the genre, this is the place to be.

Saturday 13th September heralds a massive FIREWORKS DISPLAY and a Torchlit procession by 2014 torchbearers –– the torchbearers will form a line which will span the whole of the bridge, lighting it up before the fireworks display which will be fired at precisely 10:06pm (as a nod to the length of the road bridge at 1006 metres) – there will be loads to do with a huge outdoor Ceilidh and live performances from local band Big Country alongside a special performance by Bwani Junction and world-class food and drink concessions on both sides of the bridge.

If you don’t want to ‘slum it’ with everyone else, you could of course take the more gentle route and either take your loved ones to the Queensferry Grand Hotel for a massive four-course dinner overlooking the fireworks display venue or get yourselves on board the yacht ‘Inspired Capital’ to see the fireworks display from the water.

It should be quite a sight to see with the 50 years in lights on the front of the bridge and the span full of torchbearers alongside some top class pyrotechnics choreographed to music which will be viewed by an anticipated crowd of around 100,000 visitors.

Sadly, due to deterioration of the steel wires that hold the bridge in place, it is due to be replaced by the new Queensferry Crossing in 2016 which will take all cars and lorries whilst the Road Bridge will continue to carry taxis, buses, cyclists and walkers, massively reducing the load bearing down on the old structure.

Click here to see some amazing pictures courtesy of the BBC.



What: Commonwealth Games 2014
Where: Celtic Park, Glasgow
When: 23rd July 2014 – 4th August 2014

Over 40,000 spectators will shortly be taking their seats for one of the biggest events Scotland has ever seen.

With the TV coverage reaching another billion watchers, already the 20th Commonwealth Games has been at the centre of some controversy, after a plan was launched to blow up five of the remaining six red road tower blocks as part of the opening ceremony using a massive 2755 pounds of high explosive was quashed after an online petition to raise awareness of the cultural significance of the 1960s style accommodation attracted thousands to sign up to keep the iconic skyline.

Over the next 40 days, 6500 athletes from 71 nations will battle it out while onlookers on site will be able to get a clear view of the games on Europe’s biggest TV screen. Weighing in at a gargantuan 38 tonnes, the 100 metre wide-screen, covering a whopping 1020 square metres, it is sure to bring all concerned closer to the action. The “window on the world”, as it has been dubbed, will connect the games, the people of the city and the commonwealth together, although just how this will happen is being kept firmly under wraps. David Zolwer Head of ceremonies and artistic director who has been overseeing rehearsals is keeping shtum, adding to the building anticipation.

What is the Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth is a voluntary intergovernmental association of 53 member states formed in 1949 which have been either directly or indirectly ruled by Great Britain or our Monarch at some point.

Queen Elizabeth II remains the reigning monarch for sixteen of the members, five members having their own monarch with the remainder being republics, each having a common language, history, culture, democracy and human rights.

But let’s face it, it’s the fireworks we are interested in but even with our contacts in the industry we know very little about the pyro that will be fired, such is the secrecy concerned with this event. The little information we have been made aware of, we dare not mention at this point or “heads will roll”.

Here is a clip of the last Commonwealth Games, held in Delhi just to give you an idea of what to expect.

We hope all the competitors perform to the best of their abilities and Good Luck to everyone concerned


The Kelpies Grand Opening Fireworks Display Video

Now this is pretty cool.

The Kelpies are 30 metre high horse-head sculptures, weighing in around the 300 tonne mark and are considered the world’s largest equine sculptures.

Construction of The Kelpies began on Monday 17th June 2013 and on Friday 18th April The Kelpies was officially launched 🙂

An awesome firework display, animated projections and an amazing light show, all designed and fired by the world-renowned French pyrotechnics display company – Groupe F.

View the video below and make sure you hit the HD button.