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Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks. Sharpshooters Roman Candle Pack.

Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks - Sharpshooters Roman Candles by Standard Fireworks

Tesco supermarket, we widely accept as being one of the top 4 in the UK but when it comes to pricing and fireworks, we have got it covered.

The Sharpshooter Roman Candle pack from Tesco is a full carton quantity and as such, you have to take 24 of the same item for the not inconsiderable £180.00 including VAT.

However, if you came along to Epic Fireworks, you could have a single pack of 4 of these beautiful roman candles for £14.94 inc VAT. Even if you did choose to have 6 packs, the Epic price is just £89.64 inc VAT. That just begs the question, why wouldn’t you?

The staff at Epic work hard at ensuring that customers leave with what they wanted and needed and we give a fantastic warm welcome and of course, a hot drink is readily available to anyone who would like one.

The upshot is simple, if you want brilliant value for money, bring your £180.00 along to Epic Fireworks, sit and chat with one of our fantastic and fully experienced sales team with a hot drink and we will help you to put together a fantastic display for your Bonfire Night festivities.


Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks. Star Fire Roman Candle Pack.

Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks - Star Fire Roman Candles by Standard Fireworks

The Roman Candle is the basis for a great many of today’s fireworks and is central to many a garden display on Bonfire Night around the UK. However, the cost of the humble roman candle can vary greatly as can the effects.

Once again we would like to compare pricing with Tesco Supermarkets for the beautiful Star Fire roman candle. The effects are varied: green comets, pink glitter bursts, golden crackle clouds and spiralling purple tails to name just a few all firing 5 shots per item.

Tesco price: £150.00 including VAT for 6 packs of 4. They are not available for sale separately.

Epic price: £89.64 including VAT for 6 packs of 4. We also sell them individually at our Head Office sales outlet at £14.94 per pack of 4.

So why would you not choose EpicFireworks when we offer great value for money, excellent customer service and good old-fashioned Yorkshire hospitality with a cup of tea or coffee on request.