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Firework or Pyrotechnic?

We often get asked if we do Pyrotechnics? Although the words “fireworks” and “pyrotechnic” are classed as the same product, whilst both are classed as explosives for storage reasons, they may fall into different classes, but there are obviously subtle differences.

Think of the difference between a party popper (classed as pyrotechnic) and a 500 shot roman candle barrage (firework) the storage regulations differ immensely.

While any item deemed to be a firework would usually be used outdoors and have a pre requisite safety distance, most pyrotechnics are designed predominantly for indoor use, another difference would be the amount of debris produced and the safety distances required.

As anyone who has had the pleasure to use our fireworks will be aware, after the show you will find hundreds of tiny cardboard discs. The discs are there for a very good reason, most of our barrages have the effects preloaded into tubes which make up the cake as it is also known the discs are there to contain the exotic powders in the tubes, which is why we don’t have to worry when loading a customer’s car with their purchased pyro if the boxes are placed on their sides as we know nothing will spill out because of the discs.

Pyrotechnics generally don’t have any debris associated with them as again they are usually used indoors, neither do they have a safety distance of 5, 8 or 25 metres (dependent on the classification of the firework) and usually a pyrotechnic would be electronically fired where all our fireworks have a fuse with a time delay of around 8-10 seconds.

So if you are looking for smoke bombs, flares (either hand-held or fired from a flare gun), flame projectors, waterfalls, Gerbs and Saxons (spinning Gerbs), I’m afraid you won’t find these on our site as these are all classed as pyrotechnics and as we specialize in fireworks, having the UK’s biggest range of 1.3g fireworks.


The National Pyrotechnic Festival Tultepec Mexico 2014

WHAT: The 26th National Pyrotechnic Festival 2014
WHERE: Tultepec, Mexico
WHEN: 1st March to 10th March 2014

Each year, visitors flock to the region of Tultepac, Mexico between the 1st and 10th March for the National Pyrotechnic Festival.

This year’s event is the 26th of its kind and is held for St John, patron saint of the Pyrotechnics Guild.

This week-long spectacular includes some weird and wacky events including the Castillo de Torre or Tower Fireworks Competition and a magnificent Musical Fireworks Competition featuring seven of Mexico’s best firework display teams. Unfortunately, the event is not yet open to international competitors, which is a bit of a shame but the week is packed full of fun and fireworks of all types including mechanical, musical and the ‘burning of the bulls’.

Throughout the week, there will be fireworks, rides and attractions including small ‘toy’ fireworks, pyro musical competition and of course a number of other fireworks displays.

One of the main features of this magical occasions the ‘Pamplonas’ which translates as the ‘running of the bulls’ which involves 250-300 bull shaped wagons loaded with thousands of rumble down the cobbled streets and always firing pyro in each and every direction. If you aren’t moving pretty sharply you could end up being hit by the person by trying to dodge the rockets, flares and firecrackers.

Not for the faint-hearted as you could no doubt see from the pictures but a fabulous event nevertheless.


Pyrotechnic Showdown To Explode In Hamilton

Massive Purple Chrysanthemum

The Canadian Fireworks Association is hosting its fifth annual convention in Hamilton this Friday, promising more than two hours of fireworks for the public.

“It’ll be the biggest fireworks display they’ll ever see in Ontario, hands down,” said Sean Morris, CFA’s vice-president. “People will be mighty impressed when they leave. They’re going to see some cool things that aren’t normally done.”

The event begins in Bayfront Park with military re-enactors from area forts firing cannons.

After two fireworks product demonstrations, a consumer contest will pit Eastern and Western Canada against each other. Two individuals from Calgary and Ontario were both given $3,000 from the association to purchase consumer fireworks, Morris said.

They’ll compete for the title of best display. Organizers are still looking for judges.

Four professional displays and a pyromusical show will end the night.

The event started to get industry leaders together to learn about new products.

It costs the CFA $3,000 to 5,000 to open the event to the public, Morris said. Though the event is free, he said he hopes people will bring donations to help cover the cost.

One display can take about 20 hours to design and complete because organizers use consumer fireworks. To get a high-grade show, they must shoot nine of one product to get a big effect, for example.