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David Sena. The Firework Artist.

New York based artist extraordinaire David Sena, is not the first and certainly will not be the last to use fireworks in his art creations, but he is using them in a very different way. David states that he likes the kinetic energy behind the short burst of flame and explosive power in his firework drawings.

He graduated from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and has continued in his unusual approach. As a very talented artist, tattooist and fine art specialist, his work is really good and cleverly uses a number of mediums to get his art across to the masses.

In his fire drawing he uses mainly jumping jacks (no longer available in the UK and today remembered only by those of us ‘of a certain age!’) and then once he has the burn he wants, he uses a rubber (eraser) and charcoal to create the finished product. Reaching for ever better impressions, he continues to play with multi dimensional 3D works.

When asked ‘why fireworks?’ he referred back to when he was a child and they fired any firecrackers or jumping jacks they invariably left scorch marks on the surface, whether it was wood, paper, concrete or dirt which in later life became the art form.

Check out the video which shows some of the artwork he has made.


2013 Honda Celebration of Light Barge Tour

Honda Celebration of Light

As we highlighted a couple of days ago, Vancouver, British Columbia plays host to an international musical pyro competition to crown this year’s fireworks king once again on the 23rd annual event.

The skies over English Bay will be alight but this year, as mentioned, media and the general public will get the unique opportunity to put questions to each of the teams individually as well as the producer of the event.

The interviews are as follows:

Tours & Interviews:

Friday, July 26, 2013 with Team UK – Pyro 2000

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 with Team CANADA – Fireworks Spectaculars

Friday, August 2, 2013 with Team THAILAND – Thailand Fireworks

Time:  10:00am.

Location: Boat launch will be located at the base of Whyte Street in Vanier Park – Besides the Kitsilano Base Canadian Coast Guard station.

If you would like to attend and put your questions to the teams, as space is limited we have been contacted by the organizers to remind you that you should book a place in advance by contacting them directly. 


BMX Pyro and Photography

On first glance, I for one was not convinced that a BMX bike and fireworks could possibly make a beautiful combination but having checked out the following film, it positively brings a lump to my throat.

The fireworks are carefully lit to coincide with some spectacular stunts and the use of slow motion both running forwards and in reverse only add to the magic. The scene opens with three lads coming around the corner on bikes as the film captures fireworks exploding from every side as they perform tricks with silver sparks subtly lighting the dark streets of suburbia.

The filming is then reversed to show the details in the fireworks from explosion to ignition with more spectacular bike stunts until the end which pans to the alleyway, lit by a single street lamp suddenly aglow with fireworks.

We have in the past only seen this level of artistry in still photography but will continue to bring you more on the fascinating world of pyro on film over the coming weeks.