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Firework Safety For Pets

Here at Epic, we are dedicated animal lovers and have our share of cats, dogs and other small animals in our care both at home and the wildlife on site here at Tankersley.  We have quite the menagerie living on site including a family of stoats which go white in winter with a little black tip on their tails, magpies, rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs and water hens (yes, we have a large pond at the back of the site which plays home to the water hens and a colony of Great Crested Newts).

In a recent conversation with the local representatives of the Cats Protection League, we were horrified to learn of the number of feral kittens that they receive calls about that have been badly burned in Bonfires so it is not just hedgehogs you need to check your Bonfire for.

As in the past, if you are having a Bonfire Night event with a fire to keep everyone warm, please remember to stack the wood and combustible materials beforehand, checking carefully for feral kittens, hedgehogs, mice and rabbits.

This Bonfire Season remember the golden rules:

  • Keep your dog/cat indoors with a drink of water and a deep bed or perhaps an old duvet (in case they foul it) for them to hide in.
  • Walk your dog whilst it is still daylight
  • Put on the TV or radio to drown some of the noise from fireworks
  • Draw curtains or blinds wherever possible to keep the flashes hidden
  • Bring hutches with rabbits or other small mammals inside and cover with a blanket to keep the noise as low as possible and provide extra hay or bedding material for them to burrow in.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a dog be allowed at a display as even if they are not gun-shy (or do not react to fireworks) and are OK around crowds, a big display could have any number of tiny babies and toddlers that may be distressed and screaming which will upset your pet, particularly if you have children yourself
  • Thundershirt – this is a patented design product which applies constant pressure to a dog’s upper body which has been proven to keep them calm.  If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying one (they range from around £15 for a toy dog to around £50 for a Labrador sized one), if you get a wide crepe bandage (long) and bind your dogs chest area, it lowers anxiety and helps your dog to feel more secure.
  • If your pet is of a particularly anxious nature, you could contact your vet for some DAP or Dog Appeasing Pheromone plug in.  You just plug it in the room where your pets are and leave them to remain calm.

Be mindful of letting your neighbours know if you are having a Bonfire or Fireworks display on a day other than the 5th November so that they can keep their pets in and safe too.


4th July Fireworks Safety and Pets

4th of July Calendar

July 4th is just around the corner, many Americans and their well-wishers will be putting everything in place for the celebration of the American Independence. Lighting up the sky with fireworks has been an integral part of this celebration.

The thrills of fireworks can also bring the pain if it is handled wrongly. Therefore, as you make your fireworks display, I wish to gently remind you to follow the safety tips and the fireworks code.

Remember to take care of your pets as most animals are “allergic” to noise. Of course, young children must not be involved in the handling of fireworks at any stage. Remember, first thing first —- do the fireworks first before doing the alcohol. For full details on these plus handling and layout procedures, visit our website.

We wish you all the best.



Goodbye Old Friend

Bruce Asleep

Here at Jimmy’s, anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit us in the showroom will have met the beautiful Bruce. A German Shepherd dog who was our friend, protector and credit control for many years. It is therefore with great sadness that we announce that the old boy passed away peacefully in his sleep last weekend, surrounded by his toys and cuddled up in his blanket. He was to some just a pet but to us, he will be greatly missed.

As anyone who has had a pet they have lost will appreciate having had Bruce for over 12 years, he was almost a member of the family and staff. We all have our own memories of him we would like to share with you.

As anyone who has been in will personally attest to, on first entering the showroom, he was the first to announce anyone’s arrival with gusto!! He would stand guard at the end of the counter which looked to many too short to keep him in but for all the noise, what many would not appreciate is the difficulty he had experienced in getting up off the floor in the first place. He was bi-lingual and could hear a sandwich box open even in the deepest sleep. His day started with a cup of tea and whatever toast he could beg as well as his cod liver oil and glucosamine sulphate tablets (which he could always find and leave in the bowl irrespective of how well hidden they were!!). He watched over all of us and gave out loving snot rubs daily on Julie and whoever he could get close to. When in need of a cuddle, he would let you do whatever you wanted and could act like no other. He once stood in front of Julie shivering until she gave him her pink jumper which he accepted with grace until Paul said I was ruining his street rep!!

He knew when it was lunchtime as often Paul and Jimmy would be eating boiled eggs whilst he tucked into organic chicken and rice. He had his favourite treats with pig ears or smacko’s been his first choice. He would go to the drawer and tap it with his paw until he got his own way! He tolerated having antlers on at Christmas and even posed for photo’s when asked.

Bruce will be sorely missed and we would like to ask that anyone who has personal memories of our beautiful old boy to let us share them.

Goodbye old friend – we hope that you continue to watch over us xxxx