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The amazing pounding of drums and pyrotechnics together were brought to the crowds attending the Edinburgh Military Tattoo this year.

Whilst the team from the Top-Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland have shown their prowess in precision marching and drumming in the past, this is the first time they have included pyrotechnics in the display, much to the delight of the crowds.

The highly technical team usually wear uniforms of black and white with drums and sticks the same. They have been entertaining crowds around the World with their astonishing precision both drumming and marching.

The traditional drum used is the marching snare which in deeper and has a higher tension head (skin) made from either Kevlar or Mylar or indeed a combination of both, which helps to improve the tone of the sound created irrespective of how hard the playing.

Annually, this team creates a fabulous new routine which improve on the display before. This year as well as the exceptional drumming and marching, they added pyrotechnics into the mix. At just after 6 minutes on the following video, the drummers strike their sticks together, and instantly they light up and the line begins drumming again and the flags behind the drumline light up with cascading sparks which sweep around. Beautiful:


Percussion and Pyro

Les commandos percu @ Leuven in scene

This year will be special for a number of reasons, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic events but the Lake District are set to push their own boundaries in outdoor entertainment.

On the night of 21st June 2012, there is set to be a special performance by Les Commandos Percu called ‘On The Night Shift’ which is to be the first show of the ‘Lakes Alive 2012’ season of outdoor arts events which are set to take place across Cumbria this year.

This is set to be the first time that the troop will perform with a group of specially artistes from across the UK taking their act to a whole new level with their magnificent blend of percussion, dance and pyro. From the outset, once the British and French performers got together it was set to be something nothing short of spectacular as their collaboration grew.

Each of the musicians will play an instrument which has been specifically created for the show. The drums have all been hand-made using a variety of different skins to achieve unique and special sounds. The dance troupe (one of whom is a founder member of the Brighton based STOMP who use everyday objects as percussion instruments) are set to perform in perfect harmony with the music and the fireworks. They will also be wearing costumes designed by students from the University of Central Lancashire.

Les Commandos Percu was formed 15 years ago and has become one of the Europes leading outdoor arts companies. They have performed all over the World including Sydney, Singapore and Toronto. The shows are really wonderful and are commonly followed by such adjectives as ‘powerful’, ‘shocking’ and ‘mind-blowing’.

After the performance in the Lakes, the show will go on tour Worldwide and will be seen by tens of thousands of people as well as providing much needed work for the British and French artists.

Les commandos percu @ Leuven in scene