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By now most of us have recovered from the New Year celebrations, and what a night it was!!

Australia is always the first we see, streamed live at around 1pm UK time, although we were impressed as the rest of the world was, it wasn’t until midnight we see what I thought was the best display of the year.

Drones and Go Pro cams are becoming more and more popular these days being used for various reasons from fun pursuits such as filming the action as we hurtle down mountain paths on our all-terrain cycles hanging on for dear life. They also offer a chance at YouTube fame should it all go wrong and applications for use of these covert cameras are used to search in disaster struck areas, probing for survivors in impossible to reach situations or for nature conservation, observing the colonies of birds dotted around our islands cliffs without alarming them, making sure all is well.

Whatever the reason for owning one of these now inexpensive technological marvels, combing the Drone with a high spec 4k camera and flying through a fireworks display which certainly has to be one of the best reasons to use them in our considered opinion.

On New Year’s Eve, across the world these flying machines were out in force capturing the displays for prosperity these “Drones” or “Quad-Coptors” which can be picked up from a couple of hundred pounds, climbing to a couple of thousand for the better ones.

Whilst laws on the use of these gadgets can vary around the world, operation is becoming tighter, most counties are taking more interest recently due to the “security concerns” as their versatility is becoming more apparent, human ingenuity being what it is there are people have adapted the use of the Drones for many purposes, from farmers in the Highlands of Scotland keeping a beady eye on their prize cattle from the comfort of the farm, to commercial and military airports disguising them as falcons in an attempt to prevent flocks of birds damaging the jet engines and risking the loss of life.

If you filmed your Epic New Year display please send us a link and we will add it to the collection.



As we enter December thoughts turn of course to Christmas and of course New Year celebrations.

Over the years fireworks have increased in popularity of course much to our delight but using fire and fireworks is not a new phenomena as going back to pre-Christian times in some areas of the UK. You may have seen a number of ‘Fireball’ or ‘Fire Festivals’ mentioned in the news and online which follow the ancient pagan ritual of using fire to drive away the old spirits with the flames to enable the spirits of the New Year to prosper.

One such event is the Stonehaven Fireballs festival which has been held for more than 150 years on New Years Eve. Planning starts early in the year as they have a team of swinging ball makers. The balls are essentially metal mesh cages packed with pieces of old cloth, cardboard, newspaper and coal briquettes which once made will be dipped in paraffin to make it stay alight. They use wire to essentially ‘stitch’ the double layer of chicken wire to the Fireball and they add a handle on to enable them to swing the fireball.

The event starts at 11 with music and merriment and on the very stroke of midnight, the first of the bagpipes will start the parade followed by the first of the Fireball swingers. The streets are lined with up to 10,000 visitors all the way along the High Street to the Harbour. Visitors from around the World of course converge on Scotland for the traditional Hogmanay celebrations. They continue to do the circuit for as long as their strength will permit but at around 12.25 the last of the fireballs is launched into the cold water of the Harbour slipway. As the smoke clears, beautiful fireworks will fill the skies over Stonehaven in a show which captivates the essence of celebration of the end of the old year and the welcoming of the new one!

There are lots of pagan ‘Fire’ events up and down the Country and whilst the Stonehaven one is in Aberdeenshire, there is a similar event in East Yorkshire on the coast at Flamborough.

The Flamborough Fire Festival has a ‘Viking Theme’ thanks to its links to the invasion by the Danes of what was South Northumbria (Yorkshire) in 866 AD.

The festival is free once again and includes a parade which starts in the middle of the village and visitors and spectators will watch as a Viking Longship is pulled through the town by Viking Warriors. Everyone follows the torchlit parade to the village green where they will be treated to a stunning firework display courtesy of The Fireworkers of Driffield.

So, if you have a fire event nearby and want to both get into the spirit of the community as well as keeping alive some of the oldest of traditions in Britain, join in.


As you can appreciate designing a world class fireworks display takes years of experience, months of preparation, practise and a dedication, checking daily for new innovations in the pyrotechnic world to enhance your display and make it stand out from the rest, so when we heard about this we got a little excited.

02 Sydney NYE Fireworks 2015

As many of our regular viewers to our blog will be aware, the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney Harbour, hold not just one display but two; the main display is fired at midnight but earlier in the evening at 9pm a more family orientated show is fired for the younger children, most of which will be in the land of nod by midnight.

Held in association with Australia’s ABC3 TV network some lucky person will be offered the chance to design the show and have their name in the history books.

We assume the competition is open the Auzzie’s only but this is not mentioned. Simply watch the video, design the fireworks you would like the whole world to see and upload your pictures to abc.net.au/nye.

Best of luck to everyone and pass me my coloured pencils!