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By now most of us have recovered from the New Year celebrations, and what a night it was!!

Australia is always the first we see, streamed live at around 1pm UK time, although we were impressed as the rest of the world was, it wasn’t until midnight we see what I thought was the best display of the year.

Drones and Go Pro cams are becoming more and more popular these days being used for various reasons from fun pursuits such as filming the action as we hurtle down mountain paths on our all-terrain cycles hanging on for dear life. They also offer a chance at YouTube fame should it all go wrong and applications for use of these covert cameras are used to search in disaster struck areas, probing for survivors in impossible to reach situations or for nature conservation, observing the colonies of birds dotted around our islands cliffs without alarming them, making sure all is well.

Whatever the reason for owning one of these now inexpensive technological marvels, combing the Drone with a high spec 4k camera and flying through a fireworks display which certainly has to be one of the best reasons to use them in our considered opinion.

On New Year’s Eve, across the world these flying machines were out in force capturing the displays for prosperity these “Drones” or “Quad-Coptors” which can be picked up from a couple of hundred pounds, climbing to a couple of thousand for the better ones.

Whilst laws on the use of these gadgets can vary around the world, operation is becoming tighter, most counties are taking more interest recently due to the “security concerns” as their versatility is becoming more apparent, human ingenuity being what it is there are people have adapted the use of the Drones for many purposes, from farmers in the Highlands of Scotland keeping a beady eye on their prize cattle from the comfort of the farm, to commercial and military airports disguising them as falcons in an attempt to prevent flocks of birds damaging the jet engines and risking the loss of life.

If you filmed your Epic New Year display please send us a link and we will add it to the collection.



New Year Firework Photography

It’s a well established fact today that since the eve of the new millennium that people simply LOVE fireworks and it goes hand in glove that today technology is king and today, we can all capture more of those precious memories than ever.

Our society today is such that over 80% of the population have either a decent quality camera or a phone with a good camera facility to hand 24 hours a day. That said, fireworks are renowned for being an especially difficult medium to capture on camera which is one of the reasons we always advise customers who visit the website that whilst you can view every product in our range in video format, we will never be able to catch the full effects you actually view with the human eye.

A beautiful firework appeals to our most basic need for light and colour and whether you love them or hate them (and the majority of haters don’t like them because of their noise rather than the effects of the fireworks) getting a decent shot of a firework is in itself is a task not to be underestimated.

The problem is that unless you are supremely lucky the shots you believed were brilliant at Midnight on NYE actually in the cold light of day are a little underwhelming.

The key to taking a great shot is planning. Try the following (as recommended by professional photographers):

USE A TRIPOD OR FIRM SURFACE – set the frame you want to capture and leave it there. Keeping your hand steady for any length of time is not easy and will result in blurry pictures.

SHOOT IN MANUAL MODE – set the camera ISO to LOW (the experts recommend between 50 – 100) set the aperture to F5.6 for a crisp image.

SET SHUTTER SPEED – photography specialist recommend it to be at 2 seconds.

Turn off the FLASH.

Use MANUAL focus.

Try to position yourself upwind – this will reduce the amount of smoke you will have in the shot.

Take as many shots as you can – around 100 will actually give you around 5 absolutely cracking photographs.

Some android devices have a BURST option – engage this if it is a feature of your device.

Try to get some perspective into the frame be that a tree, a building like a church or sizeable house or even a person’s silhouette – it offers a better indication of the size of the burst.

There are some absolutely beautiful shots online, captured by all manner of cameras including some very old camera phone’s (my favourite all time camera-phone was the Samsung E770 – I took some amazing pictures of everything including a lunar eclipse.


Sydney NYE Fireworks 2014/15

Australia is the first place to televise the welcoming of the New Year fireworks around the Globe and year on year it gets more spectacular.

The event is paid for by the local Sydney Government and it brings in a staggering a 156 million Australian Dollars to the local economy.

The fireworks show for New Year in Australia’s heartland are split into two sections, the first of which is a family event which takes place at around 9:00pm to enable the parents to show the children a beautiful fireworks display before hopefully settling so that the adults can enjoy their celebrations.

The pyrotechnics are the brainchild of Foti Fireworks who are one of a handful of ‘first families of fireworks’ of Italian heritage established in 1793. In 1952, Celestino Foti emigrated to Australia, having been a prisoner of war there in WWII and started off with Vulcan Fireworks before eventually taking ownership of the company with his son Sam in 1969 and he never looked back, staying in the pyrotechnics field right up until he sadly passed away following complications after he received an injury in 2001.

His family continues with the family tradition and I would have thought that by this stage, seven generations later, the pyrotechnics are in their genes!

Sam Foti, Master Pyro-technician, trained in Japan with the best of the best in their field and he actually holds the record for the biggest shell ever made and launched in Australia. It was a massive 24 inch “Silver Kamuro with Multi-shell Pistil” which weighed an incredible 80kg and took 6-weeks to make.

Of course, the first time that Foti did the fireworks was back in 1964 (50 years later and still putting on the best show in the World!!) and they continue with the tradition to this day and go from strength to strength.

The firework stats are impressive:

$156 million to the Australian economy
1 BILLION watch the midnight fireworks Worldwide
The technicians use an incredible 60 km of wiring (that is 196,850 feet of cable!!)
45 firing crew members
100,000 individual pyrotechnics
25,000 shooting comets
11,000 shells

This year’s theme is ‘Inspire’ as the country embraces their multi cultural ethnic mix as they welcome in 2015 as a whole nation.

We will of course be bringing you footage of the event as it unfolds some 11 hours ahead of the start of our celebrations.

All the best for 2015 to our compatriots in the industry who will of course be working hard until the wee small hours to ensure that everyone across the world will have a New Year to remember.