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COST: $50 – $65

The annual Montreal Fireworks festival is the largest pyrotechnic competition of its kind in the World. Established in 1985, the pyro-stage has witnessed some of the finest exponents of pyrotechnic art filling the skies over the stunning St Lawrence River doing their stuff. Referred to locally in this predominantly French-speaking region as L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec, it has entertained crowds of up to 3 million for more than 30 years now and it continues to grow in popularity year on year.

Over in Canada, the regulations are quite tight and as such they are only permitted ground fireworks like roman candles, sparklers, fountains, wheels, volcanoes, mines and snakes and the cakes/barrages we are used to being able to use are only available to professional firers.

The 2015 event was won by the brilliant pro team from GB’s Jubilee Fireworks who lifted the Gold Jupiter award. Their show was choreographed beautifully to the music and they used a huge array of colours and effects. Not too shabby for their first time at the event!!! It took the team 3 days to set up the 30 minute display in which more than 6000 firework items were used connected by over 5000 electrical circuits.

This is the 32nd edition of the competition featuring eight of the World’s best pyro-technicians all ready to perform their showcase displays for the gathered crowds.

The teams, Country they represent and the ‘theme’ of their displays are as follows:

2nd July 2016  – Quebec –  Feux d’artifice Apogeé – Our Heroes – Out Of Competition

6th July 2016  – Chile –  Pirotecnia Spa – A Musical Ride

9th July 2016  – Canada – Big Bang Fireworks – The Wild West

16th July 2016Switzerland – Sugyp – E-Motions

20th July 2016USA – Western Enterprises Inc – Dance to the colours of Light

23rd July 2016Spain – Ricardo Caballer Ricasa – Cinemagia

27th July 2016Sweden – Goteborgs Fyrverkeri Fabrik – The Joy of Life

30th July 2016La Ronde – Melrose Pyrotechnics – Tribute to Elton John

There will also be a display called ‘Our Heroes’ on Saturday 2nd July to start off proceedings. The musicians from the Royal 22nd regiment of the Canadian armed forces will play all the greats from the world of superheroes. The pyro-musical display will take the crowd on a journey with characters from Batman, Superman and Star Wars to name just a few.

The competition gets under way on 6th July 2016 when the first team representing Chile take to the world stage. Events will be taking place every Saturday and Wednesdays throughout July.

The final event will be an exhibition show on Saturday 30th July by Melrose Pyrotechnics and the theme, A Tribute to Elton John.

La Ronde of course is a theme park and as such will have lots to see and do before the event gets under way.

The winner of the competition will be announced on 31st July 2016 and we will be sure to let you have a report on the displays and the final results shortly thereafter.


L’International des Feux Loto-Québec 2015


This is the biggest event in the fireworks calendar for Canada and teams have been competing against one another since the inaugural event in 1985 as this year sees the teams compete in the 31st edition of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition.

The displays take place on a number of Wednesday’s and Saturday’s throughout the month of July and the finale from non competing team will see it closed on 1st August 2015.

The teams will display for 30 minutes and will show the best of their abilities to the judges who will determine, after seeing all the teams displays, which of them best captured their imaginations and took them on a journey into the night sky.

Each of the teams have already submitted their theme, musical selections for authorisation and the jury, on display day, will be looking at the following aspects of their efforts:

Quality of displayThe overall look of the display, checking for dark sky moments amongst misfires etc and the impact they have.

Variety of StyleThis is simply ensuring that the quality of the products used are rich and varied with lots of style and colour.

SynchronicityThe judges check to ensure that the pyro and music are in harmony with one another – it would be a little pointless to have super loud titanium bursts to a lullaby! (although, I would imagine some would disagree).

Pyromusical conceptThis checks on the originality and artistry of the display in conjunction with the music selection. The judges always give additional marks for innovative new concepts and ideas which draw their attention.

OverallPoints are awarded as a whole from concept to music and effects and their complete impact on the showcase.

Here are the competitors, the date of their display, the country they represent and the theme:

Wednesday 1st July 2015 – Non competitive firework display – B E M Feux d artifices – Theme: Salute our troops

Saturday 4th July 2015 – England – Jubilee Fireworks
Theme: Vivre la difference

Saturday 11th July 2015 – Italy – APE Parente Fireworks – Theme: Pyro rock n roll

Wednesday 15th July 2015 – Canada – Archangel Fireworks Inc – Theme: Armageddon

Saturday 18th July 2015 – Hong Kong – China – Vulcan Fireworks – Theme: On the road again

Saturday 25th July 2015 – USA – Rozzis Famous Fireworks – Theme: The seasons of life

Wednesdays 29th July 2015 – France – Artifices J C O – Theme: Dynamite Circus

Saturday 1st August 2015 – Non competitive closing Souza La Ronde display – Theme: Tribute to Madonna

As you can see detailed, representing the UK is the formidable team from Jubilee Fireworks who have won some of the industry’s highest accolades including The British Firework Championships in Plymouth, The World Firework Championships in Blackpool as well as international acclaim in winning the Philippines International Pyrotechnic Competition, Knokke Heist and Monaco to name just a few. However, they are up against some of the best in the World so no easy task but the very best of luck to all involved and we sincerely hope that everything goes to plan.


L’International des Feux Loto-Québec 2014

The event which is locally referred to as L’International des Feux Loto-Québec was established in 1985 and is billed as one of Montreal’s top events for 2014. The event will take place from June to August of 2014 and is completely free if you have access to a balcony or rooftop viewing area.

The displays must be synchronized to music and the teams will compete over a 6-week period on different nights, unlike in previous years where it has been running for almost 10 weeks with bi-weekly shows on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.

Although the displays can be seen readily in the surrounding area, if you do wish to see this event in all its glory, it is being held in La Ronde, the area’s premier theme park. The cost of a full day pass including access to the pyro show is around $43 -$63 (between £23 and £34 sterling) or if you just would like to see the fireworks, again you can have full park access after hours for just $20 (just over £10) for the evening.

The fireworks are scheduled to take place around 10:00pm and the firing order and themes are as follows:

• Saturday 28th June – Opening ceremony with a pyro-musical display from the fabulous Weco Feurerwerk. The opening theme is ‘Dreamcatcher’ which will depict images dreamed about and the conversation between a father and son before retiring for the night.

• Saturday 5th July – First competitors are Italy represented by the very capable Pirotecnica Morsani. The company is one of the original firework masters from Italy established in 1880 by Reginald Morsani and they continue to work all over the world. Their theme is ‘Cosmology – From Darkness to the Big Bang’ taking the audience on a pyromusical journey from the birth of the planets to life on earth.

• Saturday 12th July – second competitors, Pirotecnia Caballer are representing Spain. Again established in 1880 by Vincente Caballer Calatayud and after 130 years in the business they know a thing or two about displays. Still run by the family now in their fourth generation, the President is the grandson of Vincente and they continue to impress the world with the quality and performance of the pieces that they manufacture. Their theme is ‘Once Upon a Time’ and promises to be captivating.

• Wednesday 16th July – Third up are the local team for Canada, represented by Royal Pyrotechnie and Fireworks Spectacular. Their theme is ‘Kutuan – Legends of Fire’ helping to use our imagination to take us on exciting adventures. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.

• Saturday 19th July – Fourth to compete are the fabulous team from Melrose Pyrotechnics. Established in the early 1900’s by Anthony Guarino an immigrant from Italy and it remains within the family to this day. Their theme is ‘Fright Night’ and will take spectators on a spooky journey on a pre Halloween jaunt. They have even made a short video advertisement: https://vimeo.com/96123084

• Wednesday 23rd July – Fifth team to show their firepower are team France represented by the inimitable Brezac Artifices. Brezac Artifices is a family company that was founded by Edmond Brezac in 1964 specializing in creating and staging some of the worlds finest display fireworks. Their theme is ‘Freedom – Tribute to Nelson Mandela and his journey from childhood in Transkei all the way up to his imprisonment and eventual release from the jail on Robben Island.

• Saturday 26th July – The final competing team represent Australia. Foti Fireworks began in the late 1700’s in Sicily and in 1952 the family immigrated to Australia and so the story continues to this day they are the foremost firework specialists in the country. Their theme ‘ Strictly Pyro – The World of Baz Luhrmann bringing to life in fireworks the dance moves in Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet and the Moulin Rouge as well as some brilliant musical pieces from his other films.

• Saturday 2nd August – And onto the FINALE. Offered up for your pleasure is the closing display from Panzera SAS. The company, again from a long line of Italian firework manufacturers, started in 1929 and the company continues to grow thanks to the absolutely beautifully crafted effects within their pyro. The theme for the finale is a ‘Tribute to Pink Floyd’ and will include some of their better known tracks as well as the more ‘off the wall’ psychedelic musical offerings. They are not competing but we can guarantee that you will see some of the more unusual pyro of the competition since they are masters of creativity and style.

Whether you are supporting your local national team or just have a love of fireworks, get yourself along to see some of the world’s greatest and longest established firework companies in the World battling it out for supremacy.

We will bring you images once they are available.