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Burning of the Bulls, Tultepec, Mexico, videos

The city of Tultepec in Mexico has a very unusual way of celebrating their favourite saint. They strap a whole load of rockets and fireworks to large wooden bulls and the brave young men of the city dance around them as the rockets fly all over the place!

Tultepec is the Mexico’s home of fireworks, with more fireworks makers there than you can shake a rocket stick at with about 80% of the country’s fireworks produced there since the 18th century. San Juan de Dios is the patron saint of firework makers and a week-long national pyrotechnic fair commemorates him. He is famed for rescuing patients from a burning hospital. Nowadays firework manufacturers pray to San Juan to protect their workshops and keep them safe from fire. The annual pyrotechnic fair was started in 1989 to safeguard the rich history and promote the skills of the pyrotechnicians of Mexico.

Firework “Castillo’s” or castles are fashioned in the shape of bulls and other animals in light wood. These are then covered with paper and decorated and painted. They are completely covered in fireworks and rockets and the young daredevils (madmen) jump around them and shout FIRE! FIRE! As they wear only hoods and thick jumpers to protect themselves. The bravest men will stand next to the bulls for as long as they can, it is a matter of pride to stand right next to the exploding structures. Needless to say, there are often injuries and minor burns are very common serious burns, sadly are also rather common.

It’s a bit ironic that to honour the saint who saved patients from his hospital, saved them from burning, the locals burn themselves. Surely San Juan de Dios did not like people burning? Or else he would not have saved them? This is the way of traditions however and logic is not always required.

Check the videos, say wow at the madness you see there and please please do not try any of this at home.


Mexican Independence Day Fireworks

Congratulations to Mexico. Celebrating Independence Day today the 16th of September.

Mexicans celebrate their nation’s birth by invoking El Grito de Independencia, the “shout of independence” uttered by the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810  in which he cried the immortal line:

“Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe, & Death to the Spaniards!”.

A dramatic re-enactment of the revolutionary Father Hidalgo’s call to his fellow Mexicans to join the uprising – takes place in city halls throughout the country. Mexican flags are seemingly on display everywhere you go and celebrations continue late into the night. On 16 September, military parades are held in most Mexican cities.

It is a time of great national pride and a celebration of Mexico’s cultural identity during which fireworks play an important part of the activities.

And in our own way, we honour the Mexican people, with our favourite video of Mexican Fireworks.

The Classic, Mexican Hammer Fireworks, Enjoy!


Guy Fawkes Puppets from Mexico

This lovely photograph was taken at an art fair in Mexico for a local fireworks festival. This is beautiful local craftsmanship and the puppets represent the menfolk of the village in the traditional act of dancing around with fireworks on their heads. It may seem strange to us but we used to walk around with a stuffed dummy in a wheelbarrow asking strangers for money before we set the effigy alight, so, in retrospect, not that strange at all.

fireworks puppets from mexico reminding us of guy fawkes