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Loud fireworks are perhaps not to everyone’s taste but here at Epic we have a fair share of super loud bad boy cakes which are bound to get the heart pumping. Here are our TOP FIVE to check out and a little more information about each one.


This is a remake of an Epic Fireworks classic which certainly packs a punch both in sound and visual effect.

In the initial salvo, blue ground glitter effects glisten before the green comet breaks into a huge brilliant yellow brocade effect followed by red pearls bursting into red peonies with strobing white stars intermingled. Next volley starts out with red comets shooting skywards before breaking into more peonies with a huge white palm centre with the red stars strobing. Then onto the fast firing multi shot finale to golden dragon effs with a crackling strobe finish.

Absolutely out of this world and at over a minute it would be great as a standalone barrage for a celebration, New Year’s Eve or as part of a bigger display. With 30mm tube bore size it has a maximum decibel count of 120 so definitely not one for the faint-hearted.

Bunker Buster #EpicFireworks


New to the Epic range in 2018, this became an instant hit both with pyro lovers and staff here at Epic.

This display quality barrage is simply stunning. A single effect cake which is really useful if you are creating your own display. Timed to perfection, each break fills the sky with massive gold and silver crackling palms and boasting 30mm tubes, it also peaks at 120 decibels and would be suitable once again for any display, large or small. Absolutely gorgeous.



Another new addition to the Epic range inn 2018, this absolute beauty is one of the best-fanned cakes on the market. Fast firing as silver stars erupts in fanned formation which then breaks into spectacular multi coloured peonies. A sky filled with brilliance with loud reports will certainly fit the bill. Check out the video for full details and see for yourself the magnificence of this little cracker.

QUAKE – 19 SHOTS – DURATION – 28 SECONDS – NOISE 8/10 – £19.92

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful cakes in our range. Once again, huge 30mm bore size means another 115-120 decibels of noise level. The richness of the blue colouring is most apart in this multi coloured multi effect cracker of a cake as this is the most difficult colour to achieve without loss of clarity and is a must in my opinion for any display.

The effects begin with multi coloured peonies and dragon eggs and has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Blues, greens, reds, and yellows fill the sky and is a great addition to the Epic range.

STING RAY – 19 SHOTS – DURATION – 29 SECONDS – NOISE 8/10 – £19.92

Righty ho, the last but by no means the least of our collection today, Stingray also was added to the range in 2018. Once again, loud and lush with a perfect combination of ground and aerial effects each comet leaves the ground leaving a thick glittering trail behind it in a spiral pattern and then upon reaching height breaking into a multitude of beautiful peonies, dragon eggs, and red-tipped brocades. Fast, furious and beautiful to boot – what more could you want.

Ear Protectors sign

Each of the detailed products has a video attached so just click onto the hyperlink and see for yourself first-hand what to expect. This can help when you are planning a display too as some customers may require specific colour combinations. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, check out the whole of the range of SIBs (single ignition barrages) by clicking on the following link below. They are all detailed in price low to high and vary from £4.98 for the little Laser Cannon to the massive Sky On Fire at £199.98 which is like a display in a box.

Each item has the full specifications including timing, noise level etc and with 137 to choose from, you are certain to find something to meet your needs.


How Loud Is A Firework?

When it comes to fireworks we all know they bang, pop, fizz, crackle and boom, but how loud is loud? You may be surprised to learn that sound waves could actually kill you, but as this does not happen until you are exposed to noise over 200 dB for a long period of time, there is no need to worry about your ears bleeding or lungs exploding today.

When measuring sound it is generally measured on the dB (Or decibel) scale, as sound is caused by vibration and carries energy as a wave, these sound waves can travel through almost everything, air, water, walls, glass in fact the only thing sound won’t travel through is a vacuum, as sound waves come into contact with the air molecules the waves vibrate the next particles passing one to the next and so on, as there is no air to vibrate in a vacuum it doesn’t work.

The dB scale is a little strange, needing its own set of logarithms to make sense of the huge numbers involved, a whisper would measure around 15 dB whereas a jet engine taking off would expect to hit 120 dB from a hundred feet away, 120 dB is 1,000,0000,0000,0000 louder than 15 dB and not eight times louder as you may expect.

The EU guidelines for working in noisy environments, states that exposure to sound levels over an eight-hour shift should not exceed 87 dB, well below where the human bodies pain threshold kicks in around 150 dB, at around 120 dB over a long period of time is when the stereocilia in our ears is damaged causing the ringing or buzzing sound known as tinnitus. As fan of rock music, I have suffered from this in the past, as most rock concerts average around 120 dB but after a few hours the effects wear off and hearing returns to normal. So 120 dB over a short period of time won’t do any long-term damage.

As a fireworks company, we have to adhere to very strict guidelines regarding noise levels. All legal fireworks will have a label, instructions and will be either compliant to BS 7144 (part 2) or C.E marked. If you have or know of anyone that has fireworks without these labels on them we would recommend that you do not use them.

The legal limit for fireworks in the UK is 120 dB; this does not mean that all our fireworks achieve this as we purposely develop some of our fireworks to be as quiet as possible; in fact some are almost silent.

At this time of year we are just gearing up for the wedding season. Fireworks at weddings have become more and more popular each passing year as ease of use, availability and cost have all become attainable.

We supply both traditional and Asian weddings and there is a vast difference culturally. A traditional wedding couple may look at our quieter but prettier fireworks range, such as our “Typhoon Twister” or “Moving Target”. But when you need to make an impression, and let everyone know something special is happening, our Asian customers need something with a little more boom factor as they will be letting their fireworks off through the day which is legal. British law allows you to let off fireworks every day of the year from 7am to 11pm with extensions on special days.

Rated at 120dB (as loud as legally possible in the UK) we carry a large stock all year round or super loud “The Beast”, “Thunder King” and for the rocket fans “Echo Bomb”, these fireworks contain no pretty colours, no whooshing crackling effects, just plain simple BOOMS and are perfect for daytime use as everything in the tube is designed to make noise not colour. As these are the loudest fireworks in the UK please let your neighbours, local animal hospital, stables etc. know in advance, a little common courtesy is always good.

So, there you have it. If you have any questions about our products or indeed about safety/set up etc, please give us a call and chat with one of our technicians who will gladly address any of your concerns.


Make Some Noise

This year Craigy G decided to create his very own mascaletta….(basically a mascletà is a concussive, daytime explosive display, akin to a “fireworks” display but focused on auditory effects, not visual)…

Craigy decided to use 60 x Thunder King Barrages – each barrage fires 25 shots !

So let’s do the maths:

(60 x thunderking cakes) x 25 shots = 1500 shots… BOOM 🙂