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This year the annual “Brick or Treat” event returns to Lego land Windsor. Not only does this mean Halloween activities a plenty, but it also means the return of the spectacular 3D Lego themed fireworks display.

Taking place over the October half-term holidays it’s a great day our for the whole family to join in with the fun from the 18th October to 2nd of November. A perfect opportunity to grab an actioned packed activity day along with spectacular pyro action before Bonfire Night.

With plenty of Halloween themed activities on offer for all ages there is plenty to see and do. Help build a Halloween mosaic, build your own pumpkin out of Lego or Duplo bricks and put your masterpiece on display in the pumpkin patch or get creative with the spooky craft activities.

2018 sees new activities such as the Brick or Treat Trail where with the help of only the brave can be completed, follow and solve the mystery of missing potion ingredients. Take on the various challenges across the park, find the hidden doors and discover what mysterious things are behind them. Or hop aboard the Hill Train and make your way down to the Enchanted Forest to see what eerie things wait for you.

Legoland fireworks

Before the main event of the fireworks on the evenings, you can put on your best spine-chilling Halloween costume and see if you can win the best costume prize, join ollie around the campfire for some scary stories of do the monster mash at Frankie’s monster disco.

The 3D fireworks light up the night skies over Winsor on the weekends of 20th & 21st, 26th & 27th October and 2nd of November.

Inspired by all things Lego and Choreographed to a dynamic soundtrack, you can witness the firework is a new and inventive way. Purchase and wear the special 3D glasses and be amazed as the fireworks explode into thousands of tiny Lego bricks filling the night sky. If you want to take in the pyro musical action as normal you can as without the glasses you will still witness a colourful, breath-taking display.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on this one of a kind Legoland extravaganza!



Since their invention over 2000 years ago, fireworks have changed very little but the way we watch them has changed dramatically.

The subsequent development of 3D mapping has been used to great effect across the world in conjunction with fireworks, technology has progressed leaps and bounds.

Some months ago we featured a pair of cardboard glasses fitted with different coloured lenses which when used to view pyrotechnics exploding high in the air gave the colourful burst another dimension as the picture is very slightly different for each eye, our brains then convert the image to what it thinks is the correct one, these different images fool our brains and give us what looks like a 3D image.

Working on a similar principle the good people at the Lego Florida have gone a step further with some glasses that create a different illusion, fireworks that burst into Lego bricks, the way this has been done is a closely guarded secret, somethings being more magical when we don’t know the way it’s done.

As you watch the video below you will see the difference with and without the clever trickery.