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Precious Baby Arrival Celebrated With Fireworks

As with anyone connected to the fireworks industry, we always scour the internet daily for information about fireworks in the news from around the world and this story really is lovely.

A couple in Kuwait tried for 17 years for a baby and the very proud daddy heralded the birth with a massive fireworks display outside of the clinic.

He received some criticism from the usual do-gooder who said that he would have been better served to donate the cost of the goods to a local charity but we think he did the right thing and it is refreshing to learn that someone is prepared to just let everyone know his of his boundless joy at the birth of his baby.


Fireworks to Mark National Day Celebrations in Riyadh


The City of Riyadh will hold fireworks displays for the first time in celebrations during the 83rd National Day. Local citizens, whether native or expatriates, will get the opportunity to see some beautiful pyro, many for the very first time as this area are not widely known for the use of fireworks and particularly not for the National Day.

To garner support and share in the excitement of the event they have set up not one but five area’s of the city with displays to ensure that as many people as possible can actually gain a good view as the skies over Riyadh are alight with colour and effect.

The kingdom of Riyadh is the capital and largest City in Saudi Arabia and is one of the richest cities in the middle-east and the 80th most wealthy in the World (keep calm, London is 5th!!)

There is a myriad of cultural and recreational activities including comedy and entertainment and a huge laser show. The fireworks begin 23rd September Monday, at 9:00pm from the five separate firing sites and are expected to last around 15 minutes. Additional security measures are being strictly implemented and the fireworks launch sites will be fully cordoned off to protect the public.

We offer our best wishes for the National Day celebrations and hope that this will be the first of many firework events. You never know, they may even try to take on Kuwait for the World Record.


The Making Of The Worlds Biggest Fireworks Display In Kuwait

A little while ago we wrote a blog post titled the ‘Ultimate Video and Picture Collection Of Kuwait’s Guinness World Record Fireworks Display‘. Following on from this is a cool firework documentary i found on youtube created by Parente Fireworks and FilmMaster MEA.

The documentary takes us behind the scenes of the Guinness World Record-breaking Kuwait fireworks display – the BIGGEST fireworks show ever.