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The International pyrotechnic competition in Monaco first took place in 1966 and was the first event of its kind. Initially just a pyro competition, it changed to a pyro-melodic competition in 1996 and continues in that format to this day.

Countries compete to thrill the tens of thousands of visitors who gather in the Bay to watch the fireworks explode in the Monegasque skies backed up by a powerful sound system which will ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the full impact of the shows on offer with the perfect marriage of music and pyrotechnics.

Last year the competition became the pyro-melodic event it is today and changed its name to Monaco Arten Ciel.

Café’s and restaurants surround Port Hercule, The Palace and Walls of Fort Antonio so there are plenty of places to meet and greet and many of these have uninterrupted views of the fireworks; so you can sip your champagne, whilst watching the stunning effects.

As with most things, you can do this event either on a budget or as a full spend-fest, depending on what you are looking for:


Blue Bay – French/Mediterranean Cuisine

Quite pricey but as a very special day out, worth every penny with excellent service with taster menus or the full a-la-carte jobby to whet your appetite.

Maison des Pates Monaco – Italian/Mediterranean

This place does a huge range of fresh Italian pasta which the reviews say is second to none. You choose a portion of whichever pasta you want (usually €7 – €10) and then a choice of sauces from €1 for a delicious Bolognese sauce to a creamy salmon sauce for €4.50. Two people can each well for under €30.00.

Sexy Tacos – Mexican (vegetarian/vegan-friendly dishes available)

Reviews for this place are really good and if you want a relatively spicy authentic taste of Mexico, pared back slightly for the European market but if you want a tasty and different meal, get along there as this is ‘the one’.

Les Perles de Monte Carlo – French, seafood specialists, Mediterranean

Specialists in all thing seafood, as they are harbourside and are also wholesale suppliers to the local restaurants. It has an upbeat feel and you can even pick your own lobster.  The restaurant also supplies seafood to local restaurants in the region, so you know it is of the best quality around they even have their own oyster beds! It is not fancy but the food more than makes up for it so if you are a fish and seafood lover, this is THE place to go.

If you are staying in Monaco for a few days, you might want to take in a show – The Beach Boys are in concert over there in July and have been in the entertainment business for over 50-years and are still packing the audiences in.

We will bring you news of the companies participating in the 2019 Firework event as soon as details are available.


Another For The Book Of Records In Malaysia

Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition 2013

We recently featured a blog post about the Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition but there was a surprise in store as it transpires that the event gained entry into the Malaysia Book of Records with the ‘Most Number of Firework Shots at a single event’.

During the course of the event, more than 12,600 fireworks were successfully fired gaining the event the record title.

The competition saw competing teams from Malaysia, USA, UAE, China, France and South Korea battle it out for the title of winner of the International Firework Competition 2013.

Here’s a breakdown of the winners:

Winners of the Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition 2013

1st place – Team Malaysia – Prize money of RM15,000.00

2nd place – Team United States – Prize money RM10,000.00

3rd place – Tied between Team China and Team France – Shared prize money – RM2,500.00 each

The fireworks, all synchronised to music were set off with the aid of a number of wireless devices.

Well done to the organisers and we hope to see more records broken at the 2014 event in Putrajaya.


Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition

Putrajaya Fireworks Competition 2013 - Team USA

The Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition of PIFC is coming to a close the first weekend in October. The start of the event coincided with Malaysia’s celebrations for their 56th anniversary of Independence.

This magnificent event, held at Putrajaya’s Maritime Centre in Precinct 5, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia offers simply spectacular views and with the pyro reflected back on the water – the resultant effects are breathtaking.

The teams, competing over several dates from 30th August to 2nd October were all to give the crowds a 25-minute display synchronised to music.

The competing teams and display dates:

• Malaysia – 30th August 2013 – A nice use of colours but in my opinion, the symmetry is a little off and the fireworks were a bit random with the mixture of fireworks.

• South Korea – 31st August 2013 – Really impressive and a good use of colours. The smiley face shells went a little bit awry but overall, an excellent show with some good great ground works with excellent colour and some cracking reports – great symmetry!

• France – 13th September 2013 – Sadly, there was either a great deal of smoke or fog around which did impact on the quality of the footage seen but it gave a very ethereal quality to the show overall. Brilliant with plenty of variety but without it appearing as if someone has just thrown everything in the storehouse at it. Some beautiful whispering palms but then again, I’m always a sucker for them.

• China – 14th September 2013 – Some fantastic aerial shells but a bit ‘samey’ from a colour point of view. Great use of bronze and reds together in the finale and a much evener pace and set up. In their defence, there was constant drizzle (which of course means everyone and everything was wet through) which will no doubt have had a huge impact on the show.

• USA – 15th September 2013 – Absolutely beautiful with some great use of colour combinations and exceptional pyro. The love hearts and spaceships were just lovely. The USA’s ground-works were absolutely exceptional.

The final display, due to fire on 2nd October 2013 will be the work of the United Arab Emirates with the team from Dubai ready to take on the rest of the World in this brilliant showdown.

The 3 million or so visitors to this year’s competitions have all been fortunate enough to have a splendid choice of diverse entertainments including traditional dance, good and musical performances.

We will bring you news of the winner once they are announced.