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Calling all American Ex-Pats

The USA celebrates independence from Britain 238 years ago and there is no indication of this joy waning anytime soon.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had an unprecedented number of orders from all corners of the UK wanting fireworks for their friends, family and loved ones either who are ex-pats or visiting on holiday. From US airbases to teachers who have been over in ‘Blighty’ for some time the orders are rich and varied and the one thing that makes fireworks in the UK better than over in the states – we are allowed more flash powder than they are! So, if their biggest barrage contains 500 gm of flash, ours contains almost 2 kilos of explosive.

The biggest of the bunch is the Ultimate Devastation which launches 200 shots in 35 seconds and packs an incredible 1900 grams of powder (explosive power) and at half the RRP it is everything it should be, BIG, BRIGHT, BOLD AND INCREDIBLY LOUD – Just the thing for your 4th July celebrations.


If you are holding an event to celebrate Independence Day, get in touch with us immediately to ensure that you will receive them in time.



The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co.

Having followed the exploits of the Veverka Brothers who have been around the World creating a documentary film about fireworks, we were thrilled to find that another short film has been created.

The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co. is a close up look at how one neighborhood in New York has taken celebrating Independence Day to another level.

The Upper Manhattan suburb of Inwood’s residents come together on the streets with their family and friends on July 4th to celebrate Independence Day away from the more popular Macy’s Independence Day Parade (which incidentally a number of them mention watching on TV before coming outside) and remain outside until the wee small hours.

In part, it appears to be a little irresponsible but as the footage shows there is a substantial Police and Fire Service presence creating a feeling of controlled madness and excitement but young and old gather together to await the fireworks which are launched from all possible sites.

There is no set up or safety plan in sight and a feeling of minor competitiveness as each person tries to outdo the last. The relaxing musical rhythm and the food being cooked all around creates a great evening out and long may it continue.


4th July or Independence Day

4th of July Celebration Poster - Epic Fireworks

Here we have 10 facts about the 4th July.

• The oldest established July 4th celebrations which have continued without interruption have been held in Bristol, Rhode Island since 1777 as outlined in dispatches about ‘celebratory cannon and musket firing heard over the waters’ by a British Officer stationed over in the US.

4th of July Calendar

• Since 1868, Seward, Nebraska has held their 4th July celebrations in the same spot in the Town Square.

happy 4th of july Fireworks

• Since 1972 there has been an annual hot dog eating competition which is televised nationally from Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Did you know that the USA spends 7 BILLION dollars annually on hot dogs JUST for this event.

Mt Rushmore

• Baseball is the national sport and never more so than on the 4th when many Major and Minor league games are scheduled – more family time.


• Macy’s Fireworks have been held since 1976. In 2009, in recognition of the route taken by Henry Hudson in 1609, the fireworks were moved from their usual site over the East River to the Hudson. Controversially, they were said to be returning the following year and it never happened but in the news recently, following a massive number of continued complaints about the change of venue, this year’s event will be moved back to the East River, much to the delight of the residents of the Brooklyn area.

Macys Fireworks New York barges map 2010

• More than 74 million Americans will spark up the BBQ for July 4th.

May the forth be with you

• When America achieved independence the population was some 2.5 million and in the census of 2010, it stood at around 300 million.

We got Epic Fireworks This Year

• An average of $2 billion spent on food for 4th July.

3rd of July Fireworks Poster 2008

• Over 68 million cases of beer are sold on Independence Day annually.

Happy 4th July from #EpicFireworks

• They spend an INCREDIBLE $600,000,000 on FIREWORKS just for the 4th July.

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