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Fireworks In Poor Weather

Barrages Bagged and Ready for Some Pyro Mayhem - Epic Fireworks

Whilst it’s not ideal, some displays, particularly those for events like Bonfire Night where it is ticketed, must go on whether it is raining and be blowing a gale or not.

There are certain measures that you can take to avoid damage to your fireworks though even if the only protection afforded to the gathered crowds is huddling around a mug of hot soup.

Our best advice is to, first of all, buy some swing bin liners. The thin and cheap type are the best as they offer the best protection from the rain and you can readily light fireworks through the wrapper without having to remove them.

Pop your barrage into the bag, tie it securely and then gaffer tape it to a board (for stability) and you are ready to go. It would be best if you could do all this indoors whether that is a shed or some garage or another. Now if you are not expecting bad weather but are setting up in an area where it may have been damp, it is still in your best interests to make sure they are as protected as possible as we found last year when one of our customers set up on the beach long after the tide had gone out but the sand was still very wet resulting in damage to the fireworks.

In the case of rockets, you should push the provided launch tube firmly into the ground until such time as it can bear the weight of a large rocket without falling over. Cover again with the cheap plastic bags and leave the fuse cover intact until firing time. I would add though that you should check to see if they can easily be removed beforehand so you can loosen them as in some cases they are glued into place and it could be difficult to do this in the dark later on.

The principal is the same whatever the firework – keep it dry and it will be beautiful and forget to do so and you will end up with potentially hundreds of pounds of soggy cardboard box!!

If you are needing any help or assistance with your display, whether it relates to firing order, space, weather proofing or what to buy to suit your crowd better, just give us a call and we will try to help.


Fire Your Own Display

Mental Epic Fireworks Wedding Show

It’s a well-known fact that all men are fascinated by anything which will make a noise and lots of light, so how would you like to fire your very own firework display.

You may not be aware that in fact for just £295.00 you can fire your own semi-professional display to the delight of all your friends and family. We offer advice and assistance to anyone who places an order and your goods will be delivered to your door with full instruction on how to lay out the fireworks, what to do if it rains, safety instructions and distance recommendations. We send specialist safety lighters and of course the fireworks which are 1.3g meaning that they are packed with effects and of course being flash, they are louder and crisper than your standard garden fireworks.

Although it appears that it would be difficult, once you have the goodies laid out correctly, in accordance with our set yo plan and familiarise yourself with the firing order and timings, it is very straightforward. We have customers from every walk of life who have been using our exceptional fireworks for years and continue to expand to such a degree that in one case of a fireman in Scotland, he started with the basic Conspiracy pack and has added to every year since and now spends in excess of £3000.00 (he does get over £7000.00 of fireworks) and entertains his whole community safely and makes enough in the sale of sparklers to pay for itself!

If you are considering having a display for your family, friends and neighbours or indeed are putting on a display for your football presentation night, wedding or a special birthday or anniversary, why not give us a call and we will offer you assistance every step of the way.


Customer Firework Video

Mr Mason recently made a 348-mile round trip to visit Epic Fireworks HQ.

He needed the fireworks for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations back in June and has finally got round to sending us a DVD of his show.

Here’s the firing order:

5 x magic stars
3 x dr thrust
4 x king cobra
4 x quick fire
1 x dancing dragons
2 x chemical x
1 x deep impact
1 x magneto & 1 x star salute
1 x venus sky trap
1 x gold willow
1 x frozen sun & 1 x atomic reactor
2 x razor rockets & 2 x sky thriller rockets
1 x a very happy audience 🙂