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“Is this a revolt?” asked Louis XVI “No Sire, this is a revolution” replied the Duque of Rochefoucal, and so began the French Revolution. The date was the 12th of July 1789 two days before the storming of the Bastille.

On the 19th of May King Louis met with the deputies of the third estate representing the common people who later chose to break away and form a national assembly, swearing not to separate until a national constitution had been formed: The other two estates belonging to the Catholic Church and the French nobility.

On the 14th of July a decision was made to storm the Bastille; a symbol of Royal authority. Unknown to the invaders, the prison at the time only contained seven prisoners … and 30,000 lb of black powder! Very useful when you consider that earlier in the day, the Hotel Des Invalids had also been attacked to liberate the 30,000 muskets and cannons being stored in the cellar to help further their cause.

The words used “Men are born free, and remain free and equal” are still as relevant today as they have always been. In fact many countries use this statement within their human rights declarations.

In Paris, the biggest Bastille Day party on the planet begins at 11am, as the “Alpha Jets” (part of France’s air force) will fly over the Capital emitting plumes of red, white and blue smoke to emanate the tricolour flag and signifying the start of a parade of some 4,000 soldiers, firefighters and police officers will march down the Champs-Elysees where each side of the streets will be flanked by adoring crowds.

In the afternoon, many fire department ‘balls’ take place. These are commonly held in every neighbourhood across France.

The high point of the day takes place at sunset by the Eiffel Tower; overlooked by over 50,000 spectators as music fills the air with 250 members of the French National orchestra joined by the radio France choir who will be singing patriotic renditions of Mozart, Verdi, Berlioz and Wager, followed by a MASSIVE FIREWORKS DISPLAY.

Around the World, French expatriate will be remembering the reason for their freedom and joining in celebrations and in London there are a number of events planning in Battersea Park, Camden Town & Kentish Town.

Over in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, they have held especially themed events since 2008. There will be red, white and blue themed bunting as all things French will be on display around a specially arranged French style market with music, wine and food. The event takes place on Kampa Island, just over the Charles Bridge down the romantic lanes.

In the US, 50 cities have events planned to commemorate the day, from a forty-three foot replica of the Eiffel Tower in Milwaukie to the largest party outside France in the French quarter of New Orleans.

Whilst there is nothing on north of the M25, if you are an expatriate and plan to celebrate, please remember we are here seven days a week, with a whole of host of predominantly red, white and blue firework cakes and rockets to help you celebrate continued freedom!

Vive La Revolution


Fireworks for Victoria Day Canada 2014

Happy Victoria Day Canada

Monday 19th May 2014 marks Victoria Day across Canada. The day was originally celebrated since before Canada was actually formed.

The Union Jack will be flown from all government buildings from sunrise to sunset and the people of Canada see this holiday as the start of Summer and it is one of the most celebrated early bank holidays of the year.

Victoria Day began in celebration of Queen Victoria’s 26th birthday in 1845 and was decreed by law following her death in 1901 to be recognised accordingly.

The celebrations in Canada are wide and varied and many of them include family entertainment at the core. Some of the facilities and entertainment on offer around the provinces are as follows:


Of course, no celebration would be complete without the pre-requisite fireworks and the Canadians simply LOVE their FIREWORKS.

Most areas will offer a fireworks display of some sort (weather permitting) so everyone has the opportunity to travel a short distance to see them.


Feria De Malaga

Fuegos de la Feria de Málaga 2009>3

Held in one of Spain’s largest cities, the Feria De Malaga (or fair of Malaga) has been running for the last 526 years and 2013 will once again see a fantastic program of entertainment which is certain to capture the imagination of the masses.  The celebrations take place in the beautiful city of Malaga and involve the beach, monuments and of course churches.

The event begins the second Friday in August during the hottest part of the year when temperatures on the Mediterranean reach a balmy 86 degrees Fahrenheit.  Starting on a Friday, the celebrations last for 10-days and attract over a million visitors.

The show kicks off with a huge pyro musical fireworks display on the beach and you can enjoy the party atmosphere with food available from any of the concession stands set up on the shoreline.

The entertainment is a rich and varied as the Spanish people with some dressed in traditional flamenco outfits, musical theatre groups, bars, DJ’s and much more.

The fireworks display is second to none and features some spectacular shells and having been lucky enough to visit the event in 2003 with my family (whilst on holiday in Fuengirola) I have to say, with the event being on the beach front, the cool breeze off the Med (if you are lucky enough to get one) is a welcome addition.  The party goes on into the wee small hours for those not taking part in the parade on the Saturday!!

There is some pretty beautiful shells with hearts, faces and spaceships along with more than a couple of staggeringly large glittering sphere’s which just hang in the air as if begging to stay there which makes it difficult to choose a favourite.  The show starts at 23:50 with the ‘proclamation of the fair’ and then the fireworks start at midnight to music.

Every day from late morning, well into the evening the city is filled with music and traditional dancing with horses and riders adorned in traditional Andalucian costume it is a spectacular sight and one that any discerning firework enthusiast should add to their bucket list.