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20 pyrotechnic makers to join fireworks contest in Capiztahan

Twenty pyrotechnic manufacturers coming from different places nationwide will participate in the fireworks competition and exhibition on April 15 at around 7:00 p.m. at Villareal Stadium in connection with the province‘s celebration of Capiztahan 2009.

Provincial Tourism Officer Al Teroso said in a press conference that the said pyrotechnic manufacturers already signified their intention to participate the fireworks competition and exhibition.

Tesoro said each participant will have seven minutes time of fireworks exhibition in which the duration of competition is expected to last for 140 minutes or two hours. Click here for the original story.


Fireworks lights up Da Nang sky

This beautiful shot is of the fireworks over the City of Da Nang in Vietnam where they hold an annual fireworks festival which has been competed for since 2008.

The teams from every corner of the world come together to battle it out to be crowned International Fireworks Champion as they paint the skies over the City with beautiful colours and effects.

Red Comets with Green Peonies