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Exploding Kit Kats

Have a break shoot a kit kat

When you want to celebrate, take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or indeed just sit back and relax with our friends and family, we look towards fireworks to lift our spirits.

The clever folk at Nestle, who have owned the rights to this iconic wafer bar since 1988, following the takeover of former chocolate manufacturer “Rowntree”, realized this and have recently launched their latest ‘Kit-Kat’ advertisement with a firework theme to satisfy my daily pyrotechnic fix and the girlfriends chocolate cravings.

Happy days!


Mercedes Benz Fireworks Advert

This is just the cutest thing …. the little boy is absolutely gutted because he wants to watch the fireworks through the window of their penthouse and it is ‘raining persistently’ – so much so that he can’t see them. But, all is not lost as the little chap grabs dad’s Mercedes keys and runs to the door. Once in the car, dad starts it up and flicks on the wipers – JOB DONE.


Sony 4K Ultra HD TV Firework Advert

Some of you may remember the iconic Sony Bravia advert on TV some time ago which featured plumes of coloured paint, rising then exploding over a tower block, almost re-enacting a fireworks display.

It seems someone in the advertising department must really like their fireworks as this time they have come out all guns blazing with their latest venture to promote the new 4K Ultra HD offering, I would quite happily buy one now just based on the advert.

Keep up the good work Sony 🙂