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Edinburgh Festival Fireworks Display

Festival fireworks Edinburgh castle

The Edinburgh Festival has come to an end with the city’s annual firework display.

Approximately, 250000 spectators watched the fireworks display across Edinburgh last night. Over 400,000 fireworks were electronically fired during the concert. The firework display was designed by Mr. Keith Webb of Pyrovision, who synchronized the display with live music by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, which was conducted by Mr. Clark Rundell.



Last night saw the first three teams take to the skies over Plymouth Hoe in an attempt to win the British Firework Championships 2018.

Firing last night was Fuse Fireworks from Nottinghamshire, Fully Fused from Bedfordshire and UK Fireworks Company from London who all took full advantage of the beautiful setting over the water on the Hoe preceded by a stunning sunset.

The event was first held in 1997 and today represents one of the biggest and fiercely fought competitions of the UK firework event calendar.

Tonight will see Smart Pyrotechnics, Phoenix Fireworks, and Illusion Fireworks take centre stage in their attempt to win the coveted prize. However, the news is that the weather may cause some issues as rain is expected in the area from 9pm – 11pm.

If you are in the area, remember to get there early and getting away from the Hoe can be a challenge because of the numbers of spectators so allow a considerable amount of time to leave.

Below is the fireworks video from lasts nights first 3 teams.


Drone Flying Through Fireworks Video

This is well cool – A quadcopter flying through a fireworks display.

Firstly, for those that don’t know what a Quadcopter is, here is the “Wiki Answer”. A quadcopter, also called a quadrotor helicopter or quadrotor, is a multirotor helicopter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors. Check out the example picture below.

Now, who remembers the guy who attached a camera to a rocket stick and filmed it from above?

Well, check out this awesome video below by DJI Phantom.

This crazy guy and his friends manage to fly the drone / quadcopter (with the aid of a GoPro camera) through the centre of the actual firework display without getting hit.

The results, a wicked video with some close-up action and slow motion firework breaks.


For those that are wondering about the music – ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’ by Arcade Fire.

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