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EpicFireworks.co.uk – We love our rockets !

Epic Fireworks love their rockets and we stock a huge range which will meet every requirement be that budget, distance or noise level.

Currently, in season we stock:

15 types or 1.4g rocket pack
10 types of 1.3g rocket pack
23 BIG rockets
4 rocket volleys

Come along or give us a call and we can chat about your requirements 7-days a week every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

See ya soon.


The Most Powerful Rocket Available To The General Public

In the world of pyro, I doubt there is a single person in the UK who doesn’t quote the King Rocket from Gold Label as the biggest and best consumer rocket available. But, as we have been unable to source any more, regrettably, The King is no more.

However, in 2012, we had the Sky Thriller rocket tweaked to ensure that the consumer gets the best effects, sound and burst possible and the results were staggering. The HUGE red-gold slow falling willow effect is absolutely beautiful and a contender for the ‘biggest rocket in the UK’ crown. If you should know of any more, please let us know and we will do some comparisons.


Rocket Mania

This is a video of the 300,000 rockets fired at the Mikuni Fireworks Festival, held at WadaBeach, Fukui, Japan in 2004.

Each year, they try to add a few more to the mix as back in 2003, they fired 200,000 rockets and then in 2004, 300,000 rockets and the festival continues annually much to the delight of the thousands of firework fans who make their way along every year.  The fireworks are second to none, all huge and filling the sky with bright colours and loud noises and with effects from HUGE shell bursts which hang in the air for an age to smiley faces and love hearts.