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Testing Testing Testing. The Beautiful Love Rocket.

We are fortunate enough to be suppliers of some of the biggest rockets in the UK but over the years, the more popular ‘big effects’ like the massive willow on the Sky Thriller rocket or the giant coconut ring with golden pistil centre of the Heavy Metal has been overtaken by the beautiful Love Heart rocket.

This beauty is the most romantic firework we sell and is the best and most consistent heart effect in the UK today.

Perfect for weddings, engagements, anniversaries or even Valentine’s Day is a lovely way of letting everyone know how much they mean to you.

The video shows the Love Heart Rocket being test fired following our contacting the manufacturers in China to check the flight and burst and as you can see, it’ blooming lovely.

The Stats:

£14.95 each (RRP £29.99)
Length: 1240mm
Head diameter: 80mm
Safety distance: 25m
Noise rating: 7/10

So all you lovers, get along to see us just off Junction 36 of the M1 and let the man, woman (or dog – it takes all sorts!) know just how much you love and appreciate them in style.



Mythbusters. Hwacha.

The device under scrutiny is the Indian arrow launcher or fire cart. The Hwacha was a multiple rocket launcher used in Korea in the Josean Dynasty in the 14th to 19th centuries.

The fire cart was able to fire up to 200 rockets simultaneously which as you can imagine was quite a weapon at the time.

China then decided to restrict the exportation of gunpowder, resulting in the Korean’s beginning its own black powder production. This had a massive impact on the armies of the opposition particularly when the firepower was used against the forces of the Japanese samurai infantry.

The Mythbusters wanted to check out the feasibility of the Hwacha as a weapon and wanted to see if they could travel any sort of distance and explode on contact.

They loaded 200 tubes with the individually fused arrows and the team thought that this was the most exciting ancient weapon that they had created.

Tensions were high whilst they waited for the weapon to fire. All except a single volley fired successfully. This was the first time this type of device was used in hundreds of years and in spite of not hitting any of the ‘army’ of polystyrene men lined up on the field they were duly impressed as this was more to do with the aiming than the weapon itself.

A great attempt and it did prove that had the ‘army’ being on the advance, the Hwacha would most certainly have proved to be a devastating weapon.

We can’t wait to bring you the next adventure from the Mythbusters.


Rocket Volleys Touch Down

2 x Rocket 40ft HQ Containers

Short of having twenty-five willing volunteers, a professional firing system, or Billy Wiz from the Beano on your firing team, it’s unlikely you would be able to set off twenty-five rockets simultaneously, until now…

Over the last few years, we here at Epic have been secretly developing a new style of firework……Rocket Volleys.

Here’s the low down..

The Thunderous rocket volley fires 25 large rockets from one single fuse, exploding into large bursts of iridescent purple and emerald-green dahlias followed by a huge golden cloud of crackling glitter.

The Pro Rocket volley again launches 25 rockets high into the sky then multiple bursts break into massive silver crackling palms to really wow the crowd.

The Skudbuster rocket volley.  This one has “more colour” with vivid red and vibrant green bursts, these more powerful rockets break more ferociously, bringing a few seconds of daylight to the cold November skies.

The well named Awesome rocket volley. Simply awesome.

Light one single fuse and 25 large rockets soar upwards, illuminating the night sky, creating a canopy of super bright bursts of varying colours depending on which item you select and you’re guaranteed to finish off your show in Epic style.

In fairness to all concerned the hugely popular volleys will still be offered on a first come first served basis, but we are happy for customers to place their orders now which we can hold until required for Weddings and Bonfire Night and any other celebration to guarantee you are one of the lucky few hundred in the UK to experience these boxes, which we expect to grow in popularity year after year as more and more people experience the spectacular and unique rocket volleys.

…and the good news is… most of the rockets are back in stock. The video below is from Saturday 27th July when the epic gang unloaded 2 x 40ft High Cube containers worth of rockets – and a load more rockets to come 🙂