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An Insight Into The Fireworks In The Disneyland Park

Almost every night of the year there is a big beautiful fireworks display at Disneyland Park.

The daily show is the responsibility of John Bouman, Senior Pyrotechnician who has had a passion for fireworks since he was a little boy. With 20-years experience, he says that he loves his job as it’s like 4th July every day of the week.

He does acknowledge that fireworks can be very dangerous so should always be treated with utmost respect as they can be unpredictable and you don’t just work with pyro, you must have a working knowledge of computer programming, electronics, woodwork and be prepared to be wet, hot and generally run ragged with nerves, every day in case of a problem. The training takes around 2-years to be fully qualified.

When John started for Disneyland over 20-years ago, all the mortars were hand loaded and hand fired using railway flares but today, they have moved into the digital arena and the fireworks are all fired and choreographed to music.

Some firework shells he accepts are a little hit and miss, especially circles as if they happen to go on one side, they look like a straight line.

The team consists of 7-members of staff and they use 1000 pieces per show and they check the setup and do a full computer check and see that the goods set up on rooftops etc are all safe to shoot.

After the show, he says that the only gratification that he needs is hearing the children squealing with delight and all saying how much they enjoyed the show. It really is hard work but very rewarding being a pro-firer.


UK Fireworks: A Buyers Guide/low noise fireworks

Quiet Fireworks are a common request in a fireworks shop. Many people do not want to frighten animals or young audience members and so prefer low noise fireworks to louder fireworks.

How to choose quiet fireworks:

There are a few things to look out for which will help you buy quiet fireworks for your display. Below are listed Epic Fireworks Top Tips for buying quiet fireworks.

  • Watch the video
  • Check the category
  • Check the Bore Size (size of the tube)
  • Check the classification
  • Ask Ask Ask

This is all a lot simpler than it may first appear. The first one, watch the video, is a no-brainer. If you have seen a video before you buy a firework you have a much better idea of the effect you are likely to see/hear. This is true when you are buying any firework. Always insist on watching the video.

Consumer Fireworks in the UK are split into distinct categories, Cat 2 and Cat 3.

Cat 2 Fireworks (also called garden fireworks) are generally a lot smaller and do not bang. They also have a safety distance of 5 metres so they are great for kids and back gardens – hence the name “garden fireworks”.

Cat 3 fireworks (the good stuff) are larger and can contain bangs (although not necessarily) and much bigger effects. These have a safety distance of 25 metres.

If you like loud bangs, stick to cat 3.

The bore size (the internal diameter of the firework tube) makes a difference. In very general terms the bigger the tube, the bigger the bang. This is not a hard and fast rule but it works for most.

Classification is perhaps the most important thing to look out for here. We have already talked about categories, classification is quite different. Fireworks are split into 2 types, 1.4G and 1.3G. 1.3G Fireworks contain flash powder and can have very loud bangs, up to 120db. 1.4G fireworks contain less than 5% flash powder (the stuff that makes the bang) and so do not bang as much as pop.

If you live in the UK the vast majority of fireworks shops will now only sell 1.4G Fireworks (the quiet ones). In fact without going to a specialist all year round firework retailer it will be very hard for you to find a 1.3G firework. This means it should be easier to know you are buying quiet pyrotechnics. The key thing is to ask the sales assistant. They should know what they are selling and should be able to tell you straight away if they are 1.3 or 1.4G and if they are Cat 3 or Cat 4. If the shop you are in cannot tell you the difference, its time to find another shop.

I hope this has helped you in your quest for low noise barrages and quiet rockets. Please leave any questions in the comments box and happy hunting!


D-Day tribute – 25 simultaneous firework displays along the Normandy coastline

British veterans are taking part in a series of events in France on the eve of the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

Commemorations start with a parachute drop to mark the airborne phase of the Normandy landings that launched the beginning of the end of World War II.

Prince Charles and Gordon Brown will attend a ceremony alongside the French and US presidents.

In Asnelles around 80 children from London and the south east will plant flags in the beach with messages of thanks and talk to veterans about their experiences. Late on Friday evening there will be 25 simultaneous firework displays along the Normandy coastline followed by the illumination of Port Winston, a temporary harbour built by the British in Arromanches.