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WHEN: 31st DECEMBER 2017

There is nothing which captures the essence of London and the UK than the bells of Big Ben chiming to welcome in Christmas and say a fond farewell to the old Year and welcome in the New Year with some fireworks.

This year, however, the situation was a little fraught as Big Ben was stopped for essential repairs and will not peel for around 4 years to repair the hands, pendulum, and mechanism at a cost originally ‘guestimated’ at £29 million is now likely to top the £60 million mark instead.

This year, the rigging etc of the fireworks will once again be the responsibility of the talented team from Titanium Fireworks, working alongside a huge team of support from other display teams required to get the New Year’s Eve firework event to go off with a bang. There will be more than 30 staff members carrying up to 30 tonnes of equipment and 8 tonnes of fireworks to create the graceful spectacle that is London 2018. They start to set up on 27th December as it is such a gargantuan task and will keep running the systems through until the fireworks get underway.

The annual fireworks show became a ticketed event back in 2014 and this has continued to be the case from that point forward. It has improved the overall experience making for a more manageable crowd and keeping the cost of holding the event down.

The last couple of batches of tickets sold out immediately but there are plans to put some more out for general release in early December so watch out for them.

If you are staying home to welcome in the New Year with family and friends, we have a beautiful selection of barrages which are ideal for the stroke of midnight – check online for videos of our new products this year which are top of the Christmas list of some of our pyro fans :)

Victory Day Fireworks Lights Up Russian Skies

Awesome fireworks filled the night sky, in celebration of Russia’s Victory Day Parade.

Moscow’s Red Square, Sparrow Hills, and Poklonnaya Hill was rammed to the rafters, where thousands and thousands of troops and state of the art weapons and military vehicles marched in perfect formation to celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Like any special occasion – the night ended with some fireworks :)


It’s a well acknowledged fact that the Spanish simply LURVE their pyrotechnics, and never more so than when celebrating one of more of their religious festivals.

The setting for the most recent event sending ripples all the way through the fireworks industry was held on Saturday evening (13th August). Crowds numbering upwards of 50,000 were gathered on the Passeo at Altea, ready to be thoroughly entertained by the fabulous professional team from Valencia; Ricardo Caballer Ricassa Pirotecnia.

The Summer Nights of Light event this year was a 30th anniversary of the running of the event and as such, was bigger than ever. They are thought to have spent in the region of €70,000.00 on the fireworks. The 23 minutes of fireworks were under the tutelage of the unstoppable Ricardo Caballer Ricasa Pirotecnia, local experts who have been providing excellent displays across the globe since 1881.

Held annually for the last 30 years, the display takes place on the beach in the beautiful picturesque town of Altea on the Costa Blanca. From perfect flower lined cobbled streets and quaint white-washed buildings, to superb eateries, it is a beautiful and peaceful place to sit and watch the world go by nestled in a little bay in Altea which has been named as the Cultural Capital of the Valencian region. Shops, craft galleries and bars on the seafront offering very inexpensive Tapas, this is the place to be.

The pounding cadence of the fireworks must have been absolutely astonishing. Check it out: