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The Indian Festival of Diwali (aka Deepavali/Lamp Festival or Festival of Light) is primarily a Hindu Festival which is also observed by Sikhs and Jains.  The festival marks the return of Lord Rama, who was the 7th re-incarnation of the God Vishnu, from a 14-year exile in the Hindu faith.

This event is celebrated by a staggering 800 million people worldwide and with India being one of the most populated countries on the planet, this comes as no surprise.

The Festival of Light is celebrated on the darkest night in the month of Kartik (which is the 7th month of the Bikram Sambat calendar) which runs from 18th October to 15th November.

Over in India, the homes, temples and streets are decorated with colourful lights called Diyas and garlands of marigolds.  Another part of the traditional celebrations includes fireworks or firecrackers; most of which are made in the town of Sivaski in Tamil Nadu.  Diwali runs for 5 days, but most of the celebrations outside India, take part on the 3rd day.  These usually include buying new clothes, giving sweet stuffs like Gulab Jamun (like a deep fried super sweet dumpling) Barfi (like a fudge with coconut, almond or pistachio flavourings) and Kulfi (Indian ice cream – extra sweet of course) and of course the warming glow of the little lamps or Diyas.

In Hindu, special blessings are offered to the goddess Lakshmi; goddess of wealth and prosperity and Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.  Lakshmi is said to visit all homes on Diwali, beginning with the cleanest first, spreading the wealth as she continues her journey.  Of course, this serves to get everyone scrubbing their homes before lighting the Diyas to welcome the goddess.

Whilst it was first and foremost a Hindu celebration, it is also widely celebrated by Sikhs who celebrate the release of their 6th guru Hargobind Singh, who was imprisoned by the Muslim leader Emperor Jahangir along with 52 princes (Rajas) who were political prisoners who were being held for a ransom of ‘millions of rupees’.  Emperor Jahangir agreed to let the guru go but Guru Hargobind would not accept his freedom if the rajas were unable to leave also.  Jahangir said that he could leave with as many prisoners who could ‘hold onto his cloak’.  He outsmarted Jahangir by adding 52 ‘tails’ to his gown, enabling them all to escape together.

Fireworks and firecrackers are widely used to frighten off any evil spirits.  The number of people using firecrackers has resulted in a blanket ban on their use in major cities like New Delhi.  But this decision was met with a great deal of backlash when Hindu’s saw it as an attack on their religion and freedom to celebrate their faiths special feast day as it has been for several hundred years.  However, with air pollution levels so high, it was a no-brainer to not have the usual smog following previous Diwali celebrations.

When the Passfire team from the USA visited India, they were fascinated that everywhere else in the world, salutes/maroons were being launched in mortar tubes but over in India, they are dropped into tube-shaped holes in the ground (they do say you work with what you have!).

If you are celebrating Diwali here in the UK, we have a brand new barrage called ‘Festival Of Light’ which would be a spectacular addition to your celebrations.




Classed as one of the largest fireworks displays in South, not only is there a spectacular display on offer, but also plenty of attractions and live entertainment on offer before the main event.

The theme of this year’s event is “Back to the 80’s”. There will be the old-fashioned fairground with old classic games and rides on offer such as: coconut shy’s, a big wheel and the classic carousel with extravagant horses and even a fancy-dress competition; so drag out your 80’s shell suit, find out your clothes with the biggest shoulder pads or dress up as your favourite 80’s music or tv personality.

Fireworks at Beaulieu.

During the day you can visit the Beaulieu attractions which are open from 10am as normal. Why not make a day with all the family and take a walk around the serene grounds and gardens that surround the palace house, take a ride on the mono rail or open top veteran bus, walk in the footsteps of a thousand monks and view the history of Beaulieu Abbey, wonder around the national motor museum or if you’re a bit of a petrol head take a trip into the world of top gear and see some of the iconic cars from the challenges in the programme and take a seat in the famous BBC Top Gear studio. (please note the world of top gear closes at 3pm).

If you want to turn up just for the experience of the 80’s then the gates for this and the fireworks will not open until 3pm. Make sure you are ready to celebrate a decade of memorable music, film, technology as well as the groovy fashion.

On stage there will be the wave 105 radio presenters ready to get the evening off to a start with live entertainment both before and after the fireworks. Along with this and the fairground there will be various stalls selling hot and cold food and drinks both inside and outside. Treat yourself to candy floss and hot roast chestnuts, burgers just to name a few of the things on offer.

Please note that you cannot bring any sparklers, folding chairs or seats with you due onto the site with you. It is advised to bring a torch as this may be needed In places.

The main event of the fireworks begins at 7:30pm with the full 30 to 40-minute show of pyro musical delight. Watch the skies over new forest light up in array of colours and effects all perfectly times to some of the most iconic 80’s hits.

You can stay for a while after the fireworks as the venue stays open for a short while after

With something for all the family and plenty to see and do make sure that you put this event in your diaries.



This year the annual “Brick or Treat” event returns to Lego land Windsor. Not only does this mean Halloween activities a plenty, but it also means the return of the spectacular 3D Lego themed fireworks display.

Taking place over the October half-term holidays it’s a great day our for the whole family to join in with the fun from the 18th October to 2nd of November. A perfect opportunity to grab an actioned packed activity day along with spectacular pyro action before Bonfire Night.

With plenty of Halloween themed activities on offer for all ages there is plenty to see and do. Help build a Halloween mosaic, build your own pumpkin out of Lego or Duplo bricks and put your masterpiece on display in the pumpkin patch or get creative with the spooky craft activities.

2018 sees new activities such as the Brick or Treat Trail where with the help of only the brave can be completed, follow and solve the mystery of missing potion ingredients. Take on the various challenges across the park, find the hidden doors and discover what mysterious things are behind them. Or hop aboard the Hill Train and make your way down to the Enchanted Forest to see what eerie things wait for you.

Legoland fireworks

Before the main event of the fireworks on the evenings, you can put on your best spine-chilling Halloween costume and see if you can win the best costume prize, join ollie around the campfire for some scary stories of do the monster mash at Frankie’s monster disco.

The 3D fireworks light up the night skies over Winsor on the weekends of 20th & 21st, 26th & 27th October and 2nd of November.

Inspired by all things Lego and Choreographed to a dynamic soundtrack, you can witness the firework is a new and inventive way. Purchase and wear the special 3D glasses and be amazed as the fireworks explode into thousands of tiny Lego bricks filling the night sky. If you want to take in the pyro musical action as normal you can as without the glasses you will still witness a colourful, breath-taking display.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on this one of a kind Legoland extravaganza!