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David Sena. The Firework Artist.

New York based artist extraordinaire David Sena, is not the first and certainly will not be the last to use fireworks in his art creations, but he is using them in a very different way. David states that he likes the kinetic energy behind the short burst of flame and explosive power in his firework drawings.

He graduated from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and has continued in his unusual approach. As a very talented artist, tattooist and fine art specialist, his work is really good and cleverly uses a number of mediums to get his art across to the masses.

In his fire drawing he uses mainly jumping jacks (no longer available in the UK and today remembered only by those of us ‘of a certain age!’) and then once he has the burn he wants, he uses a rubber (eraser) and charcoal to create the finished product. Reaching for ever better impressions, he continues to play with multi dimensional 3D works.

When asked ‘why fireworks?’ he referred back to when he was a child and they fired any firecrackers or jumping jacks they invariably left scorch marks on the surface, whether it was wood, paper, concrete or dirt which in later life became the art form.

Check out the video which shows some of the artwork he has made.


Firework Art

The things you find when you are blogging …..

As I arrive at work every day at Epic Fireworks Ltd in Tankersley, I think what am I going to write about today and this usually means searching for anything newsworthy or historical in relation to fireworks and their background. Today though I found a fantastic new site called ‘Firework Art’ which is dedicated to this very thing.

Epic Fireworks - Classic Standard Fireworks Posters

They have areas dedicated to the making of fireworks, the history, artwork and images from yesteryear, safety advice and in particular the background of some of our oldest manufacturing companies which used to make this once most seasonal of products.

Because many of the older companies did not keep any of their old records, it has been down to the thousands of pyro collectors to share their finds with others to give us a bigger picture.

Nowadays, pyro memorabilia is big business and the hardened collectors will think nothing of spending a couple of hundred pounds at a time on some of the rarer pieces.

Once, this origin of cottage industries had little or no information in print as the mix recipes, chemical formulae and costings for the best quality raw materials were passed from father to son.

There are also links on this site to original artworks from the likes of Lion, Pains, Astra and Rainbow to name but a few. They were as you will no doubt be able to see very simple originally because they were when all said and done going to be set alight!! However, as manufacturing of labels improved and more colour was added into the mix, they went from being the usual (if a little boring) brown or plain dyed wrappers with basic safety instruction to the ones of today which as we know from personal experience take months to consider and get ‘just right’.