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Lydney Fire Festival Art

lydney firefest 1A fantastic sculpture made from the Lydney Festival with the intent to burn it at the end. Seems such a shame for something so beautiful and well made. However, a Fire Festival is not a festival without a fire. This incredible looking construction was designed by a local teenager who was no doubt delighted to see it up in flames. The 2 bikes leaning on it kind of ruins the magic slightly, but still a great pic. Well done from everyone at Epic Fireworks lydney firefest 15


Firebird Marque II

Pierre-Alain Hubert, Fire Bird

Not the famous Firebird Roman Candle by Epic Fireworks, rather an arty shot of a bird-shaped frame on fire.

We found this on Flickr. This is by Paul McMenamin of P.McM Photography and he bigs up Pierre-Alain Hubert in his Flickr account.

Very cool we are sure you will agree. It is always nice to see fire being used in the art in different forms. This is a beautiful way of using pyro to make art.


Dont play with fire!!

Amazed? Don’t be, its simple science.

The smoke from the candle consists of mostly carbon dioxide, but not entirely. The candle’s wick and the candle itself are coated in paraffin. When the candle is lit, the paraffin is released and is in the smoke when you blow out the candle. The carbon dioxide in the smoke may not be flammable, but the paraffin is. When you light the smoke, the paraffin burns, causing the flame to go down to the wick, and thus relighting it. cool huh?!