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Which Day Is Your Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night this year falls on a Tuesday so that begs the question of when to hold your fireworks display.

From past experience, the majority of ‘organised’ displays are held over the weekend, be that before or after the fifth to avoid impacting on work commitments. But, Joe Public certainly has a great deal more choice. Of course, staff at firework outlets are fully committed to making sure that stores remain available to customers for as long as possible, remaining open to the general public until very late evening (last year it was 9:20pm before the doors could eventually be closed and the previous season, we had a lady searching frantically for some additional sparklers at 10:00pm). However, as a result of this, we are unable to hold our family fireworks party until the weekend after Bonfire Night.

Already the phones are red-hot with orders, although at the moment we still have a couple of pieces arriving from China over the forthcoming couple of weeks which will bring out stock back up to capacity and we can still fulfil over 90% of orders with the goods from our current stocks.

As the brochure is about to be finalised, as many will already be aware, the prices of EVERYTHING connected to the firework business has gone up. From labels for the boxes to the pyro itself and the courier, the costs have increased so we sadly have found it necessary to pass on some of these costs to the consumer. That said, in fairness as all our range remains at half the RRP or less, our customers still continue to get quality fireworks at a bargain price. ‘Darn South’ (as we say in Yorkshire) for example, a ‘good quality’ barrage is likely to be 1.4g, so not quite as crisp, loud and bright as the 1.3g barrages from Epic and will set you back a pretty penny. In comparison, a 100 shot barrage will cost you around £110.00 inc VAT whereas the phenomenally brilliant Screaming Spiders, voted as one of the best in the Country is louder, brighter and costs just £44.95 including VAT. You would have to be completely mad not to pursue that one further. So basically, you could have one of each of our award-winning and most popular fireworks the Screaming Spiders and Thunderous Finale for less than the £110.00 price tag.

If you can’t get up the M1 to see us, why not discuss the matter with your friends, family and colleagues and see if you can get an order together for over £295.00 and we will arrange the free delivery of all the fireworks to you at work or home. It is easy to do, just click on epicfireworks.com and check out our fantastic range of DIY display fireworks and garden fireworks. With prices starting from a couple of pounds to our biggest single ignition barrages at around £90.00, we have everything to suit your budget and taste. If you are not sure, get in touch and one of our friendly staff will be happy to chat about your needs and see what will best meet your needs.


Epic Goes All Price Comparison – Asda


Its Bonfire Night fast approaching so all thoughts turn to grabbing the best fireworks available bearing your budget in mind.

So here at Epic, being the public-spirited group of lovelies that we are have gone all price comparison to make sense of the fireworks out there.

This week, we compare with Asda’s range. Now they are not a bad quality item or anything like that but for your money, they are still not great value. I would like to compare first of all the ‘Mystic Deal’ family selection pack with an Epic equivalent:

Asda’s Mystic Deal:

• 2 packs of 5 sparklers
• 18 piece selection box
• 2 small barrages

Cost inc. VAT £50.00

Epic’s Penny for the Guy Selection

• 14 piece quality Standard Cliffhanger selection box
• 3 packs of 5 1.3G specially selected rockets (15 in total)
• 1 Award-winning 1.3G barrage
• 1 Chinese lantern

Cost inc. VAT £44.95

So with your £5.00 change, you could also get 10 sparklers, 1 magic stars barrage and a big shot barrage and still have change for a coke! (obviously to photograph it against!)

Then, to one of their large consumer display barrages, ‘The Eye of the Storm’ which has 101 shots of varied effects and lasts around 43 seconds. The cost, a not inconsiderable £100.00 inc VAT.

For the same £100.00 you could have the spectacular ‘The Phantom 500’ multi-effect barrage which lasts a staggering 2 minutes 25 seconds and costing £39.95, and still, have enough for one of the UK’s best finale cakes, the fantastic Screaming Spiders at £44.95 for 55 seconds of sky filling mayhem.

So, your choice is simple, go for inferior, over-priced fireworks from your local supermarket who have no real specialist knowledge of fireworks but can tell you all there is to know about bread or you could consider a trip over to see us at Epic Fireworks and get double the goodies, with double the effects and which last for more than double the time – simples!!!