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Clifton Suspension Bridge Fireworks

On the 8th of December 2014, the magnificent Clifton Suspension bridge will be 150 years old. To mark the occasion, what better way than a massive fireworks display exactly 150 years after magnesium flares were lit to announce to the world that it was open for business – just before being blown out by the high winds!!

Spanning 702 feet and 3 inches of the Avon Gorge and the River Avon, the bridge’s total length is 1352 feet and forms part of the B3129 road.

The bridge was built with the initial design from Isambard Kingdom Brunel who sadly died before the construction was finished and it was amended by engineers William Henry Barlow and John Hawkshaw,

In the past it earned the name “suicide bridge” thanks to the number of people who threw themselves off the bridge before barriers were erected to prevent people from doing so. It became such an issue that the local government erected a plaque with the Samaritans phone number.

In April 1979 one of the first bungee jumps was performed from the 1500 ton structure by the University of Oxfords dangerous sports club but one of the luckiest people to have crossed the bridge was one Sarah Ann Henley, who in 1885 fell off the bridge but due to the heavily layered dress and petticoats she was wearing, she floated down the 245 foot drop with her dress acting as a parachute saving her from certain death. Miss Henley went on to have a full and rich life into her 80’s seemingly no worse for the mishap.

Not so lucky was flying officer John Greenwood who in 1957 attempted to fly an R.A.F Vampire jet under the bridge while performing a barrel roll before crashing into nearby Leigh woods killing himself and causing a landslide over the Bristol to Portishead Railway line. Since this time, only one other recorded aircraft has successfully flown under the bridge, which was a police search helicopter.

Although there is a fee for vehicles crossing the bridge, there is still an act in place to charge 5p for pedestrians and cyclists, but this has never been levied.

The massive fireworks planned won’t be the first display the bridge has seen. Back in 2006, the Clifton Suspension Bridge it saw its biggest display to date when it was the centre piece for the Brunel 200 weekend marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whose designs inspired William Henry Barlow and John Hawkshaw.

The bridge is very close to the hearts of those living in the region and the celebrations will bring this community together to reflect on what an absolutely massive achievement it was to get the bridge across the huge expanse that is the gorge and the waterways close to Bristol.

In addition to the fireworks on the 7th December 2014 there will be a procession and a small re-enactment of the celebrations which took place 150 years ago, the North Somerset Community Brass Band and the parade will end at the newly completed Suspension Bridge Visitors Centre which was created thanks to National Lottery Funding.

Lets hope some of the visitors are around for the 200th anniversary of this majestic, Grade I listed structure.

Watch this space for more pyro news.


Clifton Suspension Bridge fireworks: Thousands mark 150 years


Football World Cup 2014 #EpicFireworks

There is little in this world that makes a football fan go weak at the knees in this Country but the World Cup is just the ticket for the fans of ‘the beautiful game’.

2014 sees the 20th World Cup get under way in Brazil on 12th June and it will continue until 13th July when the final is played and its all over for another four years.

The World Cup competition started in 1930 when FIFA President, Jules Rimet, after whom the coveted World Cup trophy was named, decided to host an international tournament with only 13 teams.

Today, the event starts with almost 200 teams from every corner of the World who compete during the two-year long qualifiers to win the chance to take part in the last 32.

Out of the 19 tournaments competed in since its inception the cup has only ever been lifted by 8 differing national teams. Of course anyone above 45 or so will remember fondly the magnificent prowess of the magnificent Pele and in latter years, Ronaldinho and Ronaldao took the reigns and continued in the same vein. Pele of course was on the winning side in 1958, 1962 and 1970 and the Brazilians have won the cup 5 times already and with their strong defensive side, they are tipped well for another win this year but of course the England squad may have other ideas.

Other teams have won it multiple times too and in fact our first match is against Italy who have won the cup four times already the second, against Uruguay who again have won twice so we definitely do not have an easy ride through the first round until the final match of the group against Costa Rica.

There are a few positives to holding the competition in Brazil not least of all that they are unlikely to come across much snow or rain but the heat will be restrictive so fingers crossed that steps in their training this has really been concentrated on.

England’s First Round matches are as follows:

14th June 2014 – England Vs Italy 23:00 hours
19th June 2014 – Uruguay Vs England 20:00 hours
24th June 2014 – Costa Rica Vs England 17:00 hours

If you are planning to have a World Cup party or indeed a few family and friends round for a beer to watch the matches on TV, why not get a few fireworks in to celebrate every win England manage along the way, we have something for everyone’s budget and taste.


The British Firework Championships 2014 Plymouth

The event began in 1997 at a group called TESA (The Events Services Association) after many years of discussion the feasibility of holding an annual fireworks competition which was to give competitors the opportunity to show off their respective talents.

After checking out all the suitable sites which could possibly house such an event, they settled on Plymouth Hoe as with its natural amphitheatre giving a panoramic viewing platform from the Port and Plymouth Sound for the beautiful fireworks.

Six teams are drawn annually to compete and every 6th year, they hold a ‘Champion of Champions’ event featuring the last ‘superchamp’ and the last 5 winners in an all out battle royal.

This year’s British Firework Championships event is over two nights, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th August and the following teams will take centre stage:

Tuesday 12th August 2014

• Shellscape
• Blitz Fireworks
• Northern Lights Fireworks

Wednesday 13th August 2014

• Pyro 1
• Reaction Fireworks
• MLE Pyrotechnics

All six of these teams are exceptional and are known nationally as experts in the field of display pyrotechnics so the crowds are in for a treat.

As well as the fireworks, there will be plenty of additional entertainment on offer:

• Funfair
• Attractions
• Rides
• Music supplied by Heart FM
• Food and drinks concessions

Good luck to all competitors and we will bring you the pictures and video as soon as it becomes available.