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Andy’s Epic Fireworks Bonfire Display Nov 2018

A lovely email and video footage from a loyal EPIC customer 🙂

Hey Paul,
Great to hear from you!
I have not been able to come up to collect my orders the past few years. I hope you, Jimmy and the rest of the team are doing well.
Can you believe that this was my 9th Year buying fireworks for the annual display that I do for some friends?!
Anyway, I am more than happy for you to use the video. Unfortunately, it was out of focus for a moment at the start, but it worked out in the end. It was the first time for my daughter to film it.
In case you are interested, the firing order was as follows:

Block Buster 37 Shot
Humming Hornets 28 Shot x 2
Mad Moth 25 Shot x 2
Heavy Duty 64 Shot
Moving Target 105 Shot
Screaming Spiders 100 Shot
Aerial Atom 37 Shot
Gold Willow 50 Shot
Toxicado 84 Shot
Constellation 200 Shot
Sky Thriller Rockets x 3

As always they were outstanding fireworks which went off without a hitch (except when I was distracted watching them and let more portfire burnout), and the variety and effects were excellent. I always spend a long time designing the display to have variety, and this year worked out brilliantly.
The people who pay for the fireworks were utterly delighted and will be raising the budget again next year 😉
All the best, and I hope to come and see you guys next year (or sooner!),
Best regards,


Summer Wedding Fireworks

EPIC FIREWORKS - three whispering palms to fill the sky with silver palms and silver confetti this firework is awesome

It seems the wedding season has well and truly begun. With more and more customers wanting a fitting end to what may be one of the most memorable days of your /their life, we here at epic have been inundated with orders over the last few days.

With prices falling over the last few years, it is now possible to get a professional quality display you fire yourself, starting from as little as £295.00. Our wedding packs are delivered free of charge (if ordered 7-10 days before the event) include setup plan, firing order, and all the safety equipment required.

When you consider the costs involved in arranging a wedding, £295.00 is a small price to pay for a memorable show, the average price of a wedding cake is over £300.

Yesterday a customer who had travelled from Burnley to pick up a surprise package for his brother’s wedding (and getting £120.00 worth of free rockets for the show by choosing the collection option) at the weekend asked about any special precautions he needed to take in this unusually hot weather.

Although the bulk of our stock is classed as 1.3G with some items being in the lower explosive class of 1.4G (what’s the difference between 1.4g and 1.3g…find out here) the storage recommendations remain the same even when temperature is topping a whopping 31 degrees in some parts of the country.

1. Keep the fireworks in the cartons we supply them in.
The majority of fireworks you will receive will be in a “UN” carton. These have been tested for safety and durability, made of heavy-duty multi-layered card, these cartons will prevent the fireworks being accidentally damaged during transit.

2. A cool dry place away from children and pets: garage, garden shed, cellar etc. away from any other chemicals, petrol, or any other combustibles.
As most of our regular customers who visit us are aware, our fireworks are usually stored in wood lined, forty-foot steel containers as you can imagine it’s a little warm in there at the moment, but as the “Visco” fuse needs a naked flame or spark to ignite it we have no concerns even with 30 tons of gunpowder on site, heat alone won’t ignite these products.

3. Always read the instructions: some fireworks may have differences in the instructions to take a few minutes to read them.
The important part that makes the fireworks, the powder, is encased in a tube which is then sealed with card plugs to prevent leakage, making the fireworks perfectly safe, although where possible we do recommend locking them away if possible away from children and prying eyes.


As always, our team of specialists will be happy to answer any questions anyone may have seven days a week.

So, if we can help in planning the perfect ending to your perfect summer wedding, give us a call or drop us an email with your contact details and we will get back to you.


Fire Your Own Display

Mental Epic Fireworks Wedding Show

It’s a well-known fact that all men are fascinated by anything which will make a noise and lots of light, so how would you like to fire your very own firework display.

You may not be aware that in fact for just £295.00 you can fire your own semi-professional display to the delight of all your friends and family. We offer advice and assistance to anyone who places an order and your goods will be delivered to your door with full instruction on how to lay out the fireworks, what to do if it rains, safety instructions and distance recommendations. We send specialist safety lighters and of course the fireworks which are 1.3g meaning that they are packed with effects and of course being flash, they are louder and crisper than your standard garden fireworks.

Although it appears that it would be difficult, once you have the goodies laid out correctly, in accordance with our set yo plan and familiarise yourself with the firing order and timings, it is very straightforward. We have customers from every walk of life who have been using our exceptional fireworks for years and continue to expand to such a degree that in one case of a fireman in Scotland, he started with the basic Conspiracy pack and has added to every year since and now spends in excess of £3000.00 (he does get over £7000.00 of fireworks) and entertains his whole community safely and makes enough in the sale of sparklers to pay for itself!

If you are considering having a display for your family, friends and neighbours or indeed are putting on a display for your football presentation night, wedding or a special birthday or anniversary, why not give us a call and we will offer you assistance every step of the way.