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Diwali is known by many names including the festival of lights, the festival of lamps, Deepavali plus many more. This is a religious festival which is mainly celebrated by Hindus, to mark the return of Lord Rama who defeated the demon lord and returned to the village after 14 years in exile. The festival is also observed by Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists, but for these religions, the celebrations are inspired by different historical or mythical events. All Diwali festivals represent similar victories and symbols of knowledge over ignorance, light over dark and good over evil.

The date of the festival tends to change year upon year as the main festival of lights takes place during the darkest night in the month of Kartik (which is the 7th month of the Bikram Sambat calendar) which runs from 18th October to 15th November.

Widely celebrated over Northern, Eastern and Western India, the significance of Diwali varies regionally; the preparations and rituals for the festival typically last 5 days and the climax and main day for the celebration is on the third day.

Houses, temples, and workplaces are decorated with thousands of lights known as ‘diyas’ along with colourful garlands. Another traditional part of the celebrations is firecrackers, bonfires and of course our favourite fireworks. The Diya’s are the small clay receptacles that contain oil. The oil is said to represent all the bad of humankind; greed, avarice, jealousy, hatred and lust and the cotton wick represents the soul, which by burning the body and spirit are cleansed.

As well as across India, today you will see Diwali celebrated in several towns and cities across the UK like Belfast, Edinburgh, Leicester, and London. One of the biggest celebrations outside of India takes place in the UK City of Leicester. Attracting crowds of over 35,000, people of all faiths head to the heart of the City on Belgrave Road to witness and take part in a street party like no other.

The light switch on brings the aptly named golden mile to life as over 6,000 lights twinkle against the night sky. during the daytime there is a buzz in the air as Bollywood dancers roam around, the streets are lined with colourful stalls of jewellery and clothing, or why not tickle your taste buds and indulge in some of the best food on offer from the country’s finest Indian restaurants. Witness the spectacular fireworks display lighting up the skies above the golden mile bringing the Diwali celebration to an end with a bang.

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Fireworks For Diwali

In what is known as one of the biggest celebrations outside India, over 37,000 people of all faiths descend onto Leicester’s golden mile in the heart of the city’s Asian community where the 2 main events take place every year.

The switch on brings the cold, dark skies alive with over 6000 lights and an array of colours as the 2 weeks of cultural celebrations get underway.

Each day in the calendar has different meanings and is celebrated differently in each culture so there is always something exciting going on.

The celebrations and lights spread out across the city and there is plenty for all the family with a cultural programme of performances, activities, exhibitions, and talks to learn more about and get involved in the spirit of the festival.

On the final Diwali day, the celebration brings out the biggest and best street party ever known, streets are buzzing with music, Bollywood dancers, stalls of all kinds as well as an array of biggest and best mouth-watering food from some of the finest restaurants in the country.

Then the night goes out with a bang with spectacular firework displays marking the ending of the celebrations. You don’t have to make the trip to Leicester to celebrate Diwali. Here at epic fireworks, we offer some fantastic price packages for you to light at home and have your own miniature celebration. You can view these packages online or call one of our expert advisors 01226 749587 who will get this sorted and delivered to you in time for the celebrations.



With over 37,000 people expected to attend, the Leicester Diwali display is the biggest outside of India.

Centred around Belgrave Road, in the heart of the City and with a Diwali village being specially erected on the Cossington Street recreation park, this year promises to be the best celebration of the start of the new Hindu Year to date.

Traditional elements from the Hindu culture will blend with computerised fireworks to create one of the world’s best Diwali spectaculars with all things Asian; from mouth-watering foods, and traditional and ritualistic dancing the city will explode in vibrant colours.

There will be not one but two firework displays; the first to welcome the lights on Sunday the 16th of October 2016 with the main display on the Night of Diwali the 30th October 2016.

Between the 14th and the 30th sees the return of last year’s popular 110 foot “wheel of light” affording those taking the wheel spectacular panoramic views of the City for a small fee of £5 for adults. It is £4 for children shorter than 1.4M along with card carrying students and OAP’s. You can also purchase a family ticket giving access to 4 people – this can be two adults and two children or one adult and 3 children for just £15.

The wheel will operate from Monday to Friday from 12 noon until 8pm, on Saturday from noon until 10pm, on Sunday the 16th when the official light switch on takes place and on the night of Diwali, the 30th the ride will be extended until 11pm.

Pyro professional Bright Spark who are co-ordinating and firing the display advise the show will be a multi-level show with many new and exciting effects as Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights the show will certainly depict this.

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