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Star Wars and Fireworks

May the forth be with you

Star Wars and Fireworks – Perfect it is!

May the forth be with you young padawan…..

Every year, on the 4th May, Disney’s fireworks take on a new theme with Star Wars at its heart.

Opening with a word from master Yoda, the fireworks begin to fill the skies. There is some very clever lighting and at points where the skies are allowed to ‘go dark’ or be free of any fireworks, effects add to the magic of the event.

There are some simply staggeringly good fireworks which are perfectly choreographed to the Star Wars movie’s theme soundtrack which again has been very cleverly edited to create the ambience of the adventures of Luke, Obi-Wan and Yoda and their battles with dark forces. The clever use of colours to represent both good and evil are nothing short of brilliant as the dark crimson red bursts representative of the Sith and the Darth Vader and the blues and purples for Luke and his faithful friends.

The tension of the crowd is almost palpable as the fireworks representing the battles of the Star Wars characters come to life in the skies above.

Single horsetails fall majestically from the black spies followed by spinners and some of the pyros has been created to appear like spaceships and the brilliance of the willow and palm effects are beautiful.

A fabulous concept which is truly breathtaking, thanks to the ‘Symphony in the Stars’ at Disney’s Hollywood studios.

EpicFireworks Darth Vader


Walt Disney Pictures Fireworks Intro

Every child in the western world and in some less developed know the introduction for Disney Pictures. The ident is powerful and set in our hearts and minds from childhood as an indicator of a great piece of cinema history to come.

As some may have been fortunate enough to experience first hand, Disney has fireworks every day of the year. The only exception is down to the weather conditions and more importantly the wind direction and strength, as usually advised by fire officers in an attempt to not start fires inadvertently in adjoining areas.

Fireworks at Disney, however, are one of the main features of the parade but given that they display daily, and being environmentally conscious, they use a vastly more expensive perchlorate-free mixture in their firework composition which includes nitrogen-rich oxidizers.

In 2004 in further attempts to reduce their carbon footprint, they also changed from black powder to using compressed air to launch the fireworks which again reduced the number of airborne chemicals.

In whatever format, long may we continue to love the fireworks and of course, Disney.


New Disney Fireworks Game on iTouch

If you want cute characters and a squeaky clean game that is fun and addictive, then Disney has got it covered. Their new game for the iTouch is a Mickey Mouse Firework Party which is dazzling to watch and play.

The  Disney Fireworks on the iTouch is so easy to play when a firework reaches the rainbow trigger line simply tap the corresponding coloured icon to ignite an explosion, score points and enjoy the fireworks.

Tap in rhythm to classic songs from some of Disney’s most beloved movies like Fantasia, Peter Pan and to modern favourites like Lilo & Stitch and Mulan. The game has 3 different play modes plus high score tracking and video playback, so you can enjoy your favourite shows again and again.

Different backgrounds and designs give the game a dynamic feel while playing it and there is always a sense of freshness. Trust Disney to give us a colourful and fun game that is good clean fun for all the family.