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DIY Disney Fireworks

Anyone with children will have spent hours watching Classic films such as lady and the tramp, Dumbo etc..

But as time and technology move on the children of today have more and more exciting ways to explore the world we live in today.

While trawling the web as we do daily, looking for all things fireworks-related, we came across this little gem of a site – Create your own fireworks display with Disney.

The good people at Disney have created a portal where your young ones can quite literally create something of beauty, learn about colour, timing and more importantly, entertain themselves leaving mum or dad to get on with something else.

You might even want to have a go yourself 🙂


Walt Disney Pictures Fireworks Intro

Every child in the western world and in some less developed know the introduction for Disney Pictures. The ident is powerful and set in our hearts and minds from childhood as an indicator of a great piece of cinema history to come.

As some may have been fortunate enough to experience first hand, Disney has fireworks every day of the year. The only exception is down to the weather conditions and more importantly the wind direction and strength, as usually advised by fire officers in an attempt to not start fires inadvertently in adjoining areas.

Fireworks at Disney, however, are one of the main features of the parade but given that they display daily, and being environmentally conscious, they use a vastly more expensive perchlorate-free mixture in their firework composition which includes nitrogen-rich oxidizers.

In 2004 in further attempts to reduce their carbon footprint, they also changed from black powder to using compressed air to launch the fireworks which again reduced the number of airborne chemicals.

In whatever format, long may we continue to love the fireworks and of course, Disney.





“Can you see how the skies burn with wicked glee when the pumpkin king of this revel hosts his fiery celebration” Jack Skellington.

Disney land will unveil a haunted new “spooktacular” firework display this September. Anyone who has had the honour of seeing one of Disney’s famous firework displays will agree when I say this will be a “wicked” show. The display is headed by none other than the master of scare-monies Mr Jack Skellington.

The pumpkin king has also resurrected some other all-time classic villains to help him on his fiendish firework festivities, including Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts and many more.

The Halloween firework spectacular will haunt the nighttime skies of Disney lands Buena Park throughout the Halloween season and the first of the displays start 25th September until the 1st November 2009.

The star of the fearful firework frenzy Mr Jack Skellington appears in a huge flash above sleeping beauty’s castle, and then the firework fun begins. Spectators will be encouraged to participate in the bone-chilling Halloween scream-along during the show.

The show includes some stunning state of the art pyrotechnics styled to a chilling soundtrack, eerie explosions to haunt the night skies and finally finishing with a grand finale guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of many.

An explosive show that will surely haunt Disney land begins this coming Halloween.