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Salute In A Car

Above, is an interesting video by our good friend David DeSafey from Pyro-Talk USA that really puts things in perspective.

The above video was deliberately made to provide training to new firefighters – the video below is called ‘the making of the salute in a car video’.

Please respect fireworks and do not try this at home.


displayfireworks1 talks to the epic fireworks blog

David DeSafey from Pyro-Talk talks exclusively to the worlds biggest fireworks blog.

David is based in the USA and caught the ‘firework bug’ at a very early age. David runs a successful youtube channel called displayfireworks1 and has nearly 12k ‘firework-mad’ subscribers and also runs an awesome website called Pyro-Talk – check it out.

Many thanks to David for taking the time to make the video and if you ever come to the UK, you are more than welcome to stay over at our place and we’ll take you the epic fireworks bunker (video below) and blast off a load of pyro 🙂

All the best for 2013 David, the epic fireworks gang 🙂


Muse Fireworks 2012 With David DeSafey From PyroTalk.com

This is a video from my friend David DeSafey from the USA. Dave runs an American firework forum called PyroTalk.

The video above a ‘set up in the daytime’ of the fireworks display taking place called “Thunder Over Muse 2012”.

A good friend of Dave’s is Joe. Every year Joe gathers donations from the local community to put on an epic fireworks display in his hometown of Muse Pennsylvania for the July 4th celebrations. Dave has helped Joe every year in organizing the fireworks display. The video includes setting up a 1.3 fireworks for a small community and Dave demonstrates different techniques of electric match and electronic firing.

The video below is the action from the night. Great show everyone 🙂

For all our American friends who would like to take the next step and buy 1.3 professional fireworks like salutes, Thunder Kings etc.? Then you will need an ATF license. Dave sells an awesome DVD application package that walks you through the procedure.