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As Bonfire Night fast approaches, many are making decisions as to whether to attend a public display or indeed to have one of their own.

In the year’s gone by, we have I am sure had more than our fair share of non-descript and frankly disappointing fireworks but nowadays, you can enjoy fireworks which are highly impressive but can still be lit by Joe Public.

The DIY Firework Display packs we have available are packed with an extensive choice of barrages and rockets that are tried and tested goods all the way from China.  We spend a great deal of time over in China, ensuring that the products meet both our exacting standards and of course, they are all rigorously tested by the Health and Safety Executives both in China and over here in the UK, leaving no stone unturned.

Pack choice is really determined by several factors including:


Whilst every effort is made to meet customer requirements, the packs cannot be interchanged with other items from the range, so if you want a particular barrage, you might be better served in choosing a less expensive pack and then adding this on as an extra.

The Big Ben pack https://epicfireworks.com/big-ben, for example, is £495.00 including Vat and free delivery to any UK mainland address and contains 19 mixed barrages and 37 rockets with a huge variety of colours and effects,  But, if for example, you wanted a couple of different ones, then you would perhaps be better with the Conspiracy Pack https://epicfireworks.com/conspiracy and add on a couple of extra pieces like the Armistice https://epicfireworks.com/armistice-100-shot which is mainly red in colour or the beautiful Ice Warrior https://epicfireworks.com/ice-warrior-49-shot which is dominantly blue and silver with huge palm effects.

In addition to the display packs (which all come with the safety information, set up plan, safety goggles, and safety lighters) we have a comprehensive number of ‘collection only’ garden display packs which we believe will suit every pocket.  Starting from just £24.95 for the fabulous Plot Night pack to the spectacular Guido’s Party Pack at £99.95.  PLEASE NOTE THAT COLLECTION ONLY PACKS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY AND CAN ONLY BE PICKED UP FROM OUR HEAD OFFICE IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE.

If you are unsure, give us a ring and one of our technicians will be happy to chat with you and see what we can do to help.


DIY. Whats the story ….

The Barnsley Boyz 50th Birthday Party Fireworks

Here at Epic, we know a thing or two about fireworks having been in the fireworks business for nearly 30 years now so we certainly feel qualified to offer advice relating to what it will take to make your event go with a bang!

We have, as you can well imagine, fired literally tons of pyro over the years.  Some good, some not so good but at the end of the day, we have weeded out the weaker stuff and left ourselves with a plethora of goodies with which to thrill our customers resulting in a range of great fireworks to suit every pocket and style.

If you have limited space and budget, why not try our wonderful Guido’s pack.  Named after the man himself, Guy Fawkes (Guido is the Spanish equivalent of Guy), it is collection only due to the number of individual fireworks but it does represent brilliant value for money.

The pack contains:

  • 23 rockets
  • 11 barrages
  • 15 fountains
  • 10 roman candles
  • 1 wheel
  • 1 mine
  • 10 packs of monster sparklers
  • And, a huge lantern

All this for £99.95 including VAT.

Alternatively, those with a little more space and a higher budget, you have a couple of choices.  You could go with either the After Midnight pack £295.00 inc VAT which contains some of the best barrages on the market (as detailed in Mens Health 2011) the incomparable Thunderous Finale and the Screaming Spiders or the Conspiracy Pack.

There are 10 of the best barrages in our range in the After Midnight, an all-round easy to light, fool-proof pack.  If all the items are lit consecutively this is an absolutely beautiful display of around 5-7 minutes duration (depends if you want to fire the two Thunderous Finale and 1 Screaming Spider together as we would recommend).

If you think that this is a little short in duration (although I can assure you that five full minutes of fireworks is a good display) you could consider our best seller which is the Conspiracy Pack.  Again priced at a very reasonable £295.00 inc VAT, it contains 10 barrages of varying sizes plus 46 rockets.  Just the timings for firing the barrages concurrently would be just over 7 minutes so add the rockets to the mix and you will have a sky full of fireworks for around 10-12 minutes (depending on how quickly you can light the rockets!)

These are of course just a very small sample of what is on offer from Epic fireworks and the packs are really easy to use and if you take away the fact that they are considerably bigger in size than your run of the mill garden fireworks they are just the same.  A little preparation before dark makes things a great deal easier and you can easily have ‘buddy’ firing where one side fires first and then the other so neither are likely to be returning to a burning firework.  We provide the set up plan, safety instructions, goggles, rocket launching tubes, safety lighters (portfires – brilliant as they are windproof and stay lit for a few minutes each so plenty of time to go from barrage to barrage) and to cap it off, if you come to collect any of our £295.00 or above packs, you will receive 4 big beautiful Sky Storm rockets too.

If you are considering putting on a show this year and would like our help and advice, please call us on 01226 749587 7-days a week or email me via the following [email protected] and either myself or one of my colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.  We can look at your venue online and check out what space you have, recommend layout and firing order and even recommend insurers (if applicable) who may be able to help you.