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Fireworks Kaleidoscope

Awesome fireworks kaleidoscope video above by Stan Skrzyzanowski.

One of the best things in life is doing a job you love as all the epic fireworks crew know.

Stan is a professor in the Sculpture and Installation program and he also teaches in Fabrication Studios – both at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada and he must really love his job.

Stan assembled the video clips into a kaleidoscope using video editing software on a firework show he filmed at Hill Crest Park in Toronto to celebrate Canada’s Victoria Day.

Amazing work Stan, if you’re reading this, can you make a cool video using sparklers and your fancy techniques? The following link might offer some inspiration sparkler art 🙂


Whats Cooler than a line of Fender Strats?

QUESTION: Whats Cooler than a line of Fender Strats?

ANSWER: A line of Fender Strat’s with pyschedelic Jimmi Hendrix firework style paintjobs!

It is ok if you want to take 5 minutes at this point to absorb the large amounts of coolness washing over you at this point. This is perhaps the ultimate in cool. In fact the only thing that would make you feel any cooler right now would be if you were wearing shades and driving a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Something like this for example:

Yes that would be pretty cool. the only thing that could top that is if you were also wearing these boots: