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1000 ROCKET Launch Bike #ColinFurze

To celebrate 5 million subscribers to his channel we’ve had our crazy friend on the phone again, telling us of his nutty idea he has to make a …………. wait for it ………… A 1000 ROCKET LAUNCH BIKE!!!!

#ColinFurze #5M #EpicFireworks

With our jaws dropped just at the sound of it, we then proceeded to listen how Colin was going to achieve this. Using Epic Fireworks Rocket Volleys a bike and a few extra things this was all Colin needed for the mad scientist idea to go from his mind to bringing the idea ALIVE!!! #EpicFireworks #ColinFurze #5M

After not hearing anything for a few weeks maybe months we were excited to learn that Colin had completed this crazy idea!!

Giving his viewers a little sneaky peak on his you tube channel leaving everyone in suspense and let’s admit it a little excited to see
what the outcome is going to be.

And the video below shows the rockets blasting off 🙂

Check out more Colin Furze pics here on our flickr channel 🙂

"we created a monster paul" #EpicFireworks #ColinFurze #5M


#EpicFireworks Help Out #ColinFurze Again

Colin can never resist a challenge so when the makers of NERF asked him to try out the new NERF N-STRIKE MEGA THUNDER BOW, he was in with both feet.

Of course, being Colin Furze, it had to have something a little different so we offered our help again with some more fireworks.

He created the ‘Ultimate NERF Shooting Range’ and the games were under way.

As you can see from the video footage, he had a whale of a time using the real bow action and shooting mega whistler darts at a number of ‘targets’ around the forest.

Mayhem ensued but a great time was had by Colin playing like a kid.